Onboarding New Maintenance Staff In Your Business Premises

Some businesses will require the constant upkeep of their premises in order to be functional, especially for those who allow public access. Think of a commercial gym environment, for instance, where safety issues may be heightened compared to many other public-receiving buildings.

Here, lights must be attended to quickly and reasonably, locks must be replaced if faltering for the restrooms and gym lockers, and essential equipment maintenance is also important to keep on top of.

Now, your management staff and public-facing employees have their hands full with the routine operation of your business, and may not be able or qualified to attend to maintenance issues. As such, having on-call contractors and maintenance staff present is key. Onboarding a maintenance staff member is an important step to take, but making sure they become familiar with the entire building and their role is essential.

In this guide, then, we’ll discuss how to onboard new maintenance staff quickly, easily, but also thoroughly so they’re aware and able throughout the scope of their task.

Provide Them With Instructional Guides & Maps

It’s important to make certain your management staff is totally familiar with your building, such as where the water switch off points are, the power circuit locations, and other measures such as where the exterior power switches are located behind secure plastic enclosures. It’s also healthy to make sure you give them appropriate instructional guides for safety equipment and maps so they can find their way around or know how to access the basement levels and which tools are stored where.

Familiarize Them With Your Safety & Security Protocols

The second step is essential to help keep your management staff safe and secure. Providing them the right equipment such as key belts, secure tool bags and trolleys, as well as the correct keys to help open the elevator should it become stuck is necessary. Your security protocols might include teaching your staff how to track the safety equipment, marking the inventory as appropriate, and scheduling replacements where appropriate. On top of this, giving them the right software so they can plan their tasks for the day and upload the right documentation for future maintenance workers is essential.

Ensure They’re Trained In Logging, Reporting Errors & Requesting Downtime

Sometimes, maintenance staff need to make certain that there’s no activity in a given area before they commit to work. They may need to turn off the electricity supply to a given part of the building, and so allowing them to request these times to perform essential maintenance work is key. You can ensure they’re able to communicate effectively with you if you implement a worthwhile reporting system that can be tracked by degrees of priority – often this means submitting issues to the management staff via your intra-network. In other words, give your maintenance staff a user profile and access to your systems as if they were a regular office employee, it can help them consolidate the measures they need to take care of your building.

With this advice, you’re sure to onboard new maintenance staff within your business premises in the best possible light.


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