Online Estate Agent’s Guide to Selling Your Home Online in the UK

Selling houses online is becoming increasingly popular and is something to consider when selling your house. The best thing about selling a house online is the fact that it increases the chances of your house selling quicker and can help you save money. Here are six tips for selling your house online, provided by Griffin Online Estate Agents:

Ensure that You only Post the Best Photos

Most of the people looking for houses to buy on the internet will judge a house based on the photos posted. As such it is good to try as much as you can to show your home in its very best light by only posting the best photos of your house. You should also tidy up and properly arrange all the rooms before you take the photos you would like posted on the internet.

Open curtains, make beds and open blinds to let in light. Also, remember that first impressions count and it is good to also consider the outdoors. Tidy up the garden, mow the lawn and do everything that will make your outdoor space look great. Doing all these things will attract potential buyers and make them want to buy your house.

Find out As Much as You Can about the House Hunting Website You Are Considering

There are many house hunting websites where you can list your house and it can be challenging to choose one to help you sell your house. However, if you do proper research you can surely find a website that will maximize the exposure of the house you are selling.

Make Your House Stand Out

Look for ways to make your house get a listing in front of a large number of potential buyers. Remember that there are other sellers who want to sell their houses very fast and you have to stand out from the crowd to outdo this competition.

Give As Accurate Details as Possible

Before posting any details about the property you want to sell on the internet, you should ensure that all the details you give are accurate. Check the details of the house, photographs, the description, and floor plans to ensure that everything you give is as accurate as possible.

Apart from helping potential buyers make an informed decision, providing accurate details about the house you are selling will help you avoid disappointing your potential buyers when they come to check the house you are selling. Misleading potential buyers will not help you find buyers quickly instead it will reduce your chances of finding a buyer.

Make Sure That Your House Looks Its Best before Every Viewing

While tidying up and a quick hoover are very important when it comes to selling your house, they are not the only things to do to attract a potential buyer. You should also spend a little time and money sprucing some of the more tired aspects of your house.

You can touch up the paintwork, repaint the garden fence and clean the carpets. Doing such things can have a huge impact on your house. A couple of kitchen doors, new tiling or lino or a fresh coat of neutral paint can also spruce up your house.


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