PM Worldwide Marketing Agency: Tailor-made solutions for every initiative

H1 PM Worldwide Marketing Agency: Tailor-made solutions for every initiative

To get your business off the ground in a competitive market, you need to rely on a strategic partner. PM Worldwide Marketing Agency is a leader in multi-channel communication, creates effective strategies to achieve your marketing and branding goals. It is a digital agency that offers support for the development of every project: from digital strategy, design, programming and promotion of sites, PR and audit to the design and implementation of complex web applications.

The company provides both one-time services, for example, the development of a marketing strategy, and marketing activities on an ongoing basis (marketing outsourcing). The advantages of PM Worldwide are:

• Expert level of all employees;
• Understanding the needs and requirements of any business, both small and large;
• Efficiency of working with limited resources: time, human and financial;
• Extensive experience with startups, along with the “crisis” period of various companies;
• Flexibility and tailor-made solutions!

Digital market is increasingly at the center of every strategy and the agency, helps you develop projects to create added value through multi-channel communication. The digital strategy supports your business for several objectives, such as entering new markets, increasing market share, exporting, launching new products and services. PM Worldwide helps its partners look at their potential from a new perspective, to better engage customers and boost their growth.

PM Worldwide promotion, analysis and research

PM Worldwide upholds its commitment with the aim of strengthening the digital positioning of its customers, thanks to the expertise of a highly qualified team, always attentive to new trends and with long experience in the sector. The offered marketing support is multi-directional:

• ANALYSIS AND RESEARCH. Business Analysis and Market Research for established brands and start-ups. Knowledge is the first step to success;
• BRAND IDENTITY. Naming, branding and corporate image: an exclusive name and a recognizable brand represent the genesis of a strong identity;
• CONTENT DESIGN. Content Creation and Content Curation: quality, creative, consistent and SEO oriented content strengthen the corporate image;
• PR and MEDIA RELATIONS. To each company its positioning on the market, and for each positioning a strategy with clear and achievable objectives;
• ADVERTISING. Whether it is above the line (aimed at the masses) or below the line (for a certain group of users), advertising today speaks the language of the Internet;
• PUBLISHING. From the editorial plan for social media and blogs to the publication and dissemination of e-books. Being a publisher in the digital age makes the difference;
• PROMOTIONS. In Store Promotion (promotion at the point of sale) and merchandising to increase Brand Awareness, that is, the notoriety of a brand;
• STARTUPS CONSULTANCY. A range of services aimed at the successful launch and establishment of startup projects;
• INTERNET. Creation and maintenance of websites, e-commerce, portals and landing pages from architecture to development!

The projects created by PM Worldwide Marketing Agency are all unique and “taylor made”: they pass through the lens of digital strategists and the care of its art directors and are entrusted to a dedicated operational team. The marketing team has an agile structure, focused on the objectives and scheduling of activities, with the aim of streamlining management and focusing their efforts on the quality of the agreed result and on the care of relationships.

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