Presenting Who You Are In The Best Light, On Your Website

People are clicking on your website because they have a problem and they see you as a potential solution. Immediately, your website should scream out loud that you’re focussed on the client. Even before you have met the client, you’re presenting yourself in such a way that gets to the heart of their concerns. Front and centre, your services should be presented openly, clearly and using an array of media. The client should be captivated by what they see and not be in any doubt, that they have clicked on the right website. As the business owner, you also don’t want to make it all about your services. Customers are too smart to be swooned by carefully crafted descriptions, they want to know who they’re giving their business to. That’s why presenting your employees, departments, services and yourself, is so crucial to closing the sale.


The background video


Homepage background videos are now the norm for any business website. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Well in this day and age, a video is worth a hundred thousand. The video playing in the background should be following the process of your services from start to finish. Hire a videography team that can come into your office and record the following events. 


  • Everything begins in the C-suite meeting room. Every idea takes form on the whiteboard in front of a large table where various department chiefs will be sat. There will be a lot of debate and visual presentations of ideas. Filming this would be a great first shot, giving the audience a look at the involvement of your top minds in the development of products and services.
  • Next, the departments should be filmed going about their daily routines and tasks. Employees hard at work, focussed, working together and taking ideas from paper to advanced development should be caught on camera. 
  • The supply chain is next. The media team should film employees ordering materials via their inventory management systems, then the order for the materials being confirmed by suppliers, delivered to the manufacturing plant, being shapes and changed into the products and packaged ready to be delivered.
  • The products can then be filmed being assessed back at the office by the C-suite. The business owner or CEO must be seen giving the final verdict somehow.


As you can see, filming these events chronologically will take the audience on a journey. This filming and storytelling tactic will keep the audience watching and thus staying longer on your website. The longer a potential client stays on your website, the greater the chance of achieving a sale.


Introduce the C-suite


If you were giving your business to someone, wouldn’t you want to know more about them? Putting your best foot forward, introduce your C-suite on the ‘about us’ page. You may also create a dedicated page for this but it’s best to go with the industry norm. What kinds of things should present? 


Firstly, take great studio-quality headshots of your C-suite. Speak with industry experts like, who have a long list of corporate clients. Corporate photography must be done with taste, style and professionalism at its heart. The company will travel to your location. This means they come to your office and utilize the professional workspace to inject the personality of your surroundings and location. 


Writing a brief description of your C-suite team, next to each photograph allows the audience to connect. Clients know whose hands they are in, knowing just exactly what kind of background you top team has, individually. 


An expressive CTA


Written calls to action are not the only way of keeping your audience on your website longer. More expressive techniques can be utilised in the form of an interview or a short video. It’s a good idea to have such media on your services page. For each service, you provide, make sure there’s an informative and interesting video presentation to go along with it. The chief of the department the service is linked to should give a short 1-minute presentation about the types of strategies employed to give the client maximum quality of service. 


Set a goal like this for each page and write a script for the kinds of things you want to express in the videos. Your C-suite should be making calls to action verbally, looking at the audience and using the relevant background to drive home their message. If you’re offering custom design work, the chief of the department can stand in the middle of the work floor and use the background of workers making designs, to supplement a verbal CTA. Try to film all levels of the department in the 1-minute or so that you have. It gives the client a well-rounded look at how each solution is created and implemented.


The voice of the people


Get your employees involved in the presentation of your website. They play a critical role in convincing clients, they should have confidence in your business. The workforce of any company is the backbone of everything. Film interviews of employees, asking them to answer questions about what their role is individually and what daily life is like in the office. The aim is to have the client connect with your workforce, going from seeing them as strangers to people who they can relate to. 


It’s fun, relaxed but ultimately, sheds light on the inner workings of your business. It’s great PR as presenting your workforce to the audience, allows a greater chance of relating to the business as a whole. Make sure you’re filming all types of workers, from young to old, different backgrounds and personalities. Try to avoid generic questions like ‘what’s the best part of your job?`, try to be more specific, such as asking what their role is in fulfilling a client’s order. 


The second a client drops on your frontpage, the background video should whisk them away on a journey of your business. Showing the entire process of creating products and services, it should make them stay on your website longer. Just enough time for you to present your employees at all levels in the best light. 


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