Print and bind your own marketing books

Getting marketing materials printed commercially can be a hefty investment if your business is still finding its feet. To make a single print run cost efficient per unit, a significant number of flyers, posters, banners or books need to be produced.

Small businesses often don’t need marketing materials in these quantities, leaving large amounts of surplus booklets, leaflets, or posters that need to be stored or distributed which can further eat into budget.

With a good colour laser printer, a paper guillotine and an industrial stapler, you can produce most of your physical marketing materials in-house at low cost, in your own time, and with minimal effort.

Tasks such as leaflet, pamphlet, and book printing are all jobs that can be done in-house with high quality laser printers. Here’s how you can print and bind your own professional looking booklets, brochures and catalogues.

Things to keep in mind for in-house book printing


Establishing the size of your books will be one of the first things to consider. This will help determine what kind of printer you’ll need. A3 printers like the Kyocera ECOSYS P8060cdn allow you to create full A4 sized booklets, with each sheet folded in half, while A4 printers will be able to produce smaller scale A5 folded booklets.

If you don’t need booklets to be printed in colour, because they’re entirely text based for example, then you can consider getting a mono printer.

If you’re looking for vivid colour reproduction to make your branded marketing materials or images stand out, however, then choosing a printer that’s known for its strong colour printing is advised. Lexmark’s colour laser printer range has Pantone and Named Colour Replacement technology, making sure colour reproduction is accurate.

The next step is to print your sheets and bind them. Choosing a printer with large paper input and output trays can make this task less frustrating, as you can load your printer up with hundreds of sheets and get tens or hundreds of booklets printed in one interrupted run.

Things to keep in mind for in-house book binding


There are several different options for finishing your booklets, with the main ones being hole punching, stapling, or simple folding. Hole punching requires the use of treasury tags or other materials to hold the pages together while stapling and folding are complete solutions in themselves.

Printers like the Lexmark CX827de can make the task of book binding easier, with professional document finishing options such as staplers and hole punchers built into the printer itself.

Your printing doesn’t have to stop with booklets, you can also print posters, flyers and business cards in-house if you choose to invest in a professional laser printer.

Printing and binding your own marketing materials can prove to be more economical, quicker, and easier than using a professional printing service, and the more you do it, the better you’ll get at it.



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