Promotional Strategies For A Successful Live Event

If live events aren’t part of your overall business marketing plan, then they definitely should be something you at least consider.


Many business owners avoid live events because they think they’re outdated, cost too much time and money when compared to online events, and don’t yield as much success, but when done the right way and using the right strategies, they can be a gold mine for your business.


So much so that more and more online business owners are now starting to either include live events in their business, or are even focusing on this one area to market and sell their products and services.


In this post, we want to share with you some simple promotional strategies you can use to make your live event a successful one.


Social Media:


When it comes to reaching a wide audience for your business, whether it’s through paid Facebook ads that are highly targeted or just organic content that gets a lot of reach, social media is still one of the most effective and cost-effective marketing and promotional strategies.


The great thing about social media promotions for your live event is that you can share things like build up videos to create anticipation, show snippets of what the event includes, and so many other things to generate interest. As well as reaching new people who aren’t yet in your audience, you can also create highly targeted content and ads that go out to those who already love what you do, but who may not have heard of your event.


Email Marketing:


Email is something that all business owners should be using to maintain a connection with new and existing customers. You can send out reminder emails about your event and even offer things like VIP tickets, host competitions to win a free ticket if people share, and so many other creative ways to fill more seats at your event.


Physical Promotional Products:


Many business owners shy away from creating physical products – especially promotional ones for their business because they think it’s an expensive thing to do, and they also don’t really know what kind of products to create. However, things like promotional mugs, pens, notepads t-shirts, keychains, and even fridge magnets are all very effective, affordable things you can get made to spread the word about your event and keep it at the forefront of people’s minds.


Affiliate Partner Promotions:


One of the best ways to spread the word about anything going on in your business is to collaborate with others in your industry who will promote your product, service and event to their audience. This is such an effective strategy – especially for events that some business owners rely on this as their sole method of promotion. It’s important to have a clear plan in place when using this strategy and making sure you’re only working with people whose businesses and ethical beliefs are aligned with yours. In return for them sharing your event with their audience, you will pay them a commission for every person who signs up through them.


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