ProPlus 36 – An Up Standing Desk Review

Turn Any Desk Into A Standing Desk With Varidesk 

Millions sit, but it isn’t what humans are designed for, when sitting down for a long period of time, your blood circulation slows down throughout your body, this can cause your hamstrings and glutes to become inactive, which in turn can cause muscular imbalance.

If you have any posture or back problems then a standing desk may well help you.

As someone who doesn’t like spending a lot of time sitting down, a standing desk has been wonderful, it has made my time at work more enjoyable and having the option to sit and stand is absolutely fantastic.

The ProPlus 36 has 11 different height settings, so you are likely to find the right height for you, it’s very easy to adjust and you can do it on your own, the desk is heavy, so I would recommend that you get someone to help you place it on your desk, also to note, that you won’t need to worry when adjusting the desk, it’s very steady and secure.

The ProPlus 36 comes in Black or White, and has three different size options, 30 inch, 36 inch & 48 inch, the item will come completely assembled, you won’t need to connect parts or screw anything in, it comes with a few things, instructions with 3 simple steps on showing you how to adjust your desk, some cable ties to help neaten up your cables, a coaster for your drink and a couple of booklets showing what else Varidesk have on offer on their website

This desk is a most welcome addition to my workplace and if you are looking for a standing desk then I would recommend the ProPlus 36

Oliver Walkey

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