Public Audio Conversations on Twitter – Spaces

With the recent news, positive for many, of the take over Twitter had with the new owner being Elon Musk, far more attention has been focused on the social media platform that was founded back in March 21, 2006.

Having taken on a very politically driven regime in recent years, Twitter had been hitting the headlines with negative press stories such as influencing elections and silencing of medical experts during the covid pandemic era. Now it is hoped it will become a far better neutral platform for all and with some exciting and innovative additions moving forwards.

Twitter itself, as a social media platform still remains very popular, quoted as having now around 396.5 million active users, a total of 1.3 billion Twitter accounts, with a global database of accounts from private to corporate along with many celebrities and political persons. It is a great place to promote your business either organically or via sponsored posts – Account users can post (tweet length can be no longer than 280 characters) with an addition of a link / image / video or they can also choose to use spaces.

What is ‘Twitter Spaces’? Launched back in November 2020 with a select few users, it now is fast growing division of Twitter that is likely to challenge the likes of Clubhouse which is itself an audio conversation social media platform. It is also rumoured that Twitter will bring back Vine, a short video sharing platform, that itself will challenge TikTok!

These live audio spaces enable a user to create (or schedule) and invite based on a subject / topic of their choice. Users can then search for and discover spaces to join and become a listener or be invited to become a speaker. Spaces can be small in size or as large as teh audience you can build, there is a limit of two co-hosts formulating part of a maximum of 13 speakers – There can be an unlimited amount of listeners. You can record the Space that you create and save this recording or simply choose not to. People in a Space can select the Show captions button to see automated live captions (with a few seconds of delay).



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