Revealed: 7 SEO Mistakes That Will Put You In Google’s Bad Books

Let’s face it. SEO is a dynamic landscape that can be hard to catch up with at times. Still, if you want your website to remain credible and marketable, it has to be SEO-friendly. Rather than list what you should be doing, let me give you ten examples of what you need to avoid:


  1. Spam


Some website owners are guilty of keyword stuffing on their pages. Just don’t do it. Your pages will be hard to read and look unnatural.


  1. Dead Links


Every so often, perform an audit of your site links (both internal and external). Remove links point to non-existent content.


  1. Plagiarism


A big no-no is copying content from other sites verbatim. Quoting what people say is fine. Copying entire web pages isn’t okay.


  1. Dodgy Links


Are you linking to other sites with questionable content? If so, find better sites to link to. Ones that are more relevant to your audience.


  1. Mobile-Friendly Content


Google is placing a big emphasis on content that is viewable on mobile devices. In fact, mobile-friendly pages even offer some ranking advantages. Make sure your content looks good on a smartphone or tablet.


  1. Relevant Anchor Links


Let’s say you have a blog about gardening. How relevant is it to link to a site about automotive parts? Make sure your links are relevant.


  1. Site Speed


Last, but not least, don’t host your website on a server crammed with thousands of others. Your SEO rank will suffer along with your page access times.


Here are some other suggestions to bear in mind. Especially in relation to Google’s ‘Penguin’ updates:

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