Santa Has a Range of Commercial Flooring in His Sack This Year

The type of flooring you choose for your business can affect several aspects of its operation. Whether you work in an office environment, a busy kitchen or on the shop floor of a factory, you need to know that the flooring you provide your employees is durable, safe and reliable. Not only that, the type of floor you choose needs to create a positive image among your clients and partners.

By giving your business and your employees the gift of commercial flooring this Christmas, your organisation can head into the New Year with new-found optimism and motivation. Luckily, Santa has quite a few options in his sack this Christmas, and they all deliver a range of practical and aesthetic benefits.

Commercial carpets

If you work in a busy office environment, you may find that one of the main obstacles to a productive day is background noise. The constant barrage of footsteps on a hard floor can become very distracting to people on their phones, or trying to concentrate on the job at hand. However, durable commercial carpets can absorb most of the noise caused by feet, as well as a degree of background chatter. In addition, a quality carpet is easy on the feet, professional and resistant to staining. If you’re concerned about localised damage and natural wear and tear, opting for carpet tiles could be a cost-effective option, as they can be replaced very easily in a matter of seconds.

Vinyl flooring

Made with a combination of PVC, various fillers and a selection of plastics, vinyl flooring is incredibly durable and versatile. It provides a non-slip, waterproof floor surface for businesses that are prone to spillages, excessive traffic and heat damage, and it also does a great job in absorbing sound. There are literally thousands of colour combinations and designs to choose from, and you can select a mock tile or wood-effect vinyl to add a different dimension to your business. If you want a safe, long-lasting and versatile floor type that delivers real value for money, vinyl is probably the best option.

Real wood flooring

You can give your business premises a stunning makeover this Christmas by asking Santa for a beautiful real wood floor. Nothing transforms a work space in a stroke like a floor made of the finest ash, maple, oak or cherry. They deliver eye-catching natural patterns, unrivalled luxury and a real sense of depth to every room they grace. Real wood floors also deliver a selection of practical benefits, which include durability and being incredibly easy to keep clean. High-end retail stores, showrooms, pubs and restaurants can all be transformed with wood flooring – creating a premium image for your brand.


If you’re looking for flooring that is made from renewables, linoleum is a great choice. Manufactured using linseed oil, cork, resins and ground limestone, it is heated for several days to create a highly durable floor covering that is resistant to both heat and water. Ideal for kitchens, linoleum can be bought in tile or wood-effect designs, so you can create a premium image without the premium price. It is also given an outer coat that prevents the scuffing and scratching that can make flooring look scruffy after only a few months of use.

Safety flooring

Keeping your staff and your customers safe is probably one of your organisation’s priorities, which is why you may want to consider the fitting of safety flooring if your workplace is at risk of slips and falls. Perfect for toilets, commercial kitchens, gyms and clinical environments, the latest products not only provide added grip, they are available in a wide range of colours and designs.

Christmas is a great time to think about fitting a new floor covering in the workplace – as things wind down for the festive season. Selby Carpets is one of London’s leading carpet and commercial flooring specialists – with vast experience in the supply and fitting of carpet, carpet tiles, wood flooring, vinyl and laminate. Selby fitters utilise a range of fitting techniques and specialist equipment in order to minimise disruption and installation times.

Santa has hundreds of flooring options in his sack this year, and they are all capable of enhancing your work environment for the year ahead.


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