Save This New Year by Becoming Your Own Barista with Ueshima Coffee Company

90 years in the making, get a taste of the House Blend or the Fuji Mountains this year or you can embark on a flavour adventure with Ueshima’s Taster Bundles, designed to give you a glimpse of their core range.

Looking to curb your splurging, increase your savings or just become a bit more mindful of your spending habits in 2024? Transforming your morning coffee ritual, with the help of Ueshima Coffee Company, is the perfect caffeine infused boost to kickstart your goals.

Ueshima Coffee combines craftsmanship and innovation, allowing you to make a barista style coffee that’s worth paying for in the comfort of your home. Although there is nothing quite like meeting up with friends in your favourite coffee shop, with the average latte now costing £3.25 customers can look to save around £100 a month by swapping their daily takeaway coffee to drinking at home from time to time.

Not only does Ueshima Coffee Company offer premium quality coffee at an affordable price, it also pioneers Japanese coffee culture, encouraging coffee drinkers in the UK to slow down and enjoy each sip. With a variety of blends available and an authentic taste of Japan in each cup, the best way to enjoy Ueshima Coffee is to carve out some time for yourself and truly enjoy the natural flavours of the drink and drinking experience.

So how do you recreate your favourite coffee without the skills of the barista who makes it? Ueshima Coffee’s ‘hero serve’, the V60 Pour Over and cafetière brew guides will help you in your pursuit of coffee perfection.

Create your very own Japanese style coffee with the V60 Pour Over, Ueshima’s signature serve

You’ll need:

V60 dripper, filter paper, 15g coffee per serve, grinder (if not using ground coffee), 250ml fresh filtered water per serve, kettle, paddle or spoon, scales and a timer.


Boil the kettle and leave the water to rest for 1 minute. Place your filter paper inside your V60 and dampen with some of the boiled water. Grind your coffee beans and add them to the filter paper placed inside your V60 dripper. Pour 50-100ml of hot water into your V60 so all of the coffee grounds are saturated evenly. Leave them to bloom for 30 seconds, then continue to pour slowly (in circles) until you’ve reached a total of 250ml per serving. Wait 1-2 minutes for all the water to drip through, then remove the V60 and filter paper with used grounds inside and dispose of them responsibly (in food waste / on your plants).

Become your own barista with the classic brew method of the cafetière

You’ll need:

Cafetière, 15g coffee per serve, grinder (if not using ground coffee), 250ml fresh filtered water per serve, kettle, paddle or spoon, scales and a timer.


Preheat your cafetière, by filling it with hot water and then discarding (this will keep your coffee hotter for longer!). Add your freshly ground coffee and slowly pour over the 250ml of hot water. Place the lid on your cafetière with the plunger up and leave to brew for around 4-5 minutes. Before plunging, remove the lid and skim the grounds off the top with two spoons (this will prevent the coffee tasting bitter). Replace the lid and slowly start pushing the plunger down until you reach the bottom. Pour, share and enjoy!

Shoppers can purchase the range of Ueshima Coffee at Sainsbury’s, Waitrose & Partners, Morrisons, Ocado, Harvery Nichols, Harrods or directly at


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