Select The Best Christmas Ham with These Tips

Christmas is coming, and with Christmas comes a traditional Christmas ham. Before it’s time to buy the actual Christmas ham, however, you should try to buy your ham in advance, or at least be aware of the top tips to make sure you buy the best when you get quality meat delivery in the UK.

Buy from the best

The very first tip is a no-brainer. You will want to buy your Christmas ham from the best butchers in the business. Ideally, if you want the best taste, the ham will already be smoked, and all you need to do is reheat and dress.

Consider muscle tone & fat content

Although lean meat is a great choice for your health, when it’s a special occasion like Christmas, what you really want is something that has the right fat content. This is what makes ham taste so rich, and this is just right for Christmas.

Other ingredients should be fresh

Outside just the ham, a top tip is to actually check all the other ingredients too. The ham may be the centrepiece, but the other ingredients must also be fresh and well made, this is what gives you a well-rounded flavour, so don’t ignore the other things on the table in favour of perfect ham, leave that to the butcher.

Buy early

Only people in the know are aware that butchers prepare the best Christmas hams a month before Christmas. This means most people are ordering their ham in late October or early November. Due to the fact that Christmas ham is traditionally cured, you will want to order in a way that ensures your ham will be cured for the right amount of time before Christmas. So get in early.

Check the ham

When you go to the butcher, you may be able to ask to be able to touch the ham. Touching it, or even having the butcher touch it is a great way to see if it’s well made. Over-cured ham is rubbery, and the perfect ham should be soft and moist, and have a pleasant smell, so check all these before buying. You may even be able to have a taste too!

Purchase online

If you’re busy in the lead-up to Christmas (who isn’t) it’s a good idea to buy the Christmas ham online from a trusted online butcher like Parson’s Nose. This way, you will know the ham is on its way and can get back to wrapping presents! For further information, you can check the latest news on Parson’s Nose

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