SEO Could Make Your Business DOA

Although SEO could be the saving grace for your business, the wrong type of SEO could kill it in the blink of an eye. Search engine optimisation is the process of changing a site to make sure that it is as compatible as possible with the keywords and phrases that consumers search for a product with. For instance, if you were running a company selling used cars you would need words like ‘used cars,’ ‘cheap’ and ‘for sale’ on your site. You might also include some regional identifiers, particularly if you are hoping to attract a local audience. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when you’re thinking about SEO. There are a lot of other factors that you may have never heard of.


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Negative SEO Attack

You might find that another business uses SEO to take down your company. How can they do this? Well, it’s quite simple. They release content that includes keywords related to your company such as your business website, your name or the name of the corporation. By doing this, they can make sure that your customers find the content when searching for your business online. Or, anyone who is interested in buying from your company. Instead of finding your website they come across this content that may be part of a negative attack. Usually, this takes the form of reviews. The review will be of a competitor service, praising theirs and comparing it to your own as much as possible. What can you do about a negative SEO attack? If you have the help of an SEO agency, you might be able to stop it. Or at the very least, set up some form of damage control.

Black Hat

We’ve already talked a little about blackhat SEO on this site. But perhaps one of the most important things you need to understand about this form of SEO is that it’s often used by accident. Businesses don’t set out to use techniques that are going to get their site a Google penalty. It is often part of a DIY SEO campaign. There are plenty of business owners who think they can set up their own SEO without any help from another company. When they do this, they accidentally use methods such as keyword stuffing and stumble onto blackhat tactics. That’s why it’s always best to use a professional search engine optimisation agency.

Marketing Scams

Finally, there are plenty of scams online that might be mistaken for marketing. Particularly by new business owners who are eager to make their business success as quickly as possible. For instance, you might come across a website that is advertising high website traffic instantly. Usually, this is always going to involve some form of terrible SEO. It must be avoided at all costs otherwise, it will take down your company. While it is possible to recover from something like this it can take a lot of time. You might even find you need to take your business back to square one and start again.



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