Small Business Taking Over Your Life

Running your own business might have been something that you have always dreamed of. You might have spent years planning and saving until the time was right to quit your job and throw yourself into your own business. It’s something that appeals to many of us not just because of the chance to do things our own way, but also the flexibility and the opportunity for a better work-life balance.

Unfortunately, however, the realities are often very different from our dreams. We desperately want our businesses to succeed, and so we give them our all. We start spending more and more time in the office or workshop, and less time with our families. Even when we’re not at work, we’re checking our emails, making calls and checking in with clients on social media. You might dream of your business, spend dinner times talking about work, and your work-life balance might be worse than ever.

As much as you might love your small business, and as much as you want it to do well, this can be a mistake. Eventually, you’ll resent it, if you don’t learn to create a better balance, and even if you didn’t, your friends and family might. If you feel as though your small business is taking over your life, here are some ways that you can find a better balance.

Create a Working Day

One of the best things about working for yourself is that you can do it when you want to, and that flexibility is important. But, there’s a danger that you will start working all of the time. When this happens, you might want to think about sticking to a pattern as much as you can, only flexing up when you need to.

Hire Some Help

Just because it’s your business, doesn’t mean that you need to do everything for yourself. Hire a permanent assistant if you can. If not, utilise freelancers, part-time virtual assistants, get help with marketing, and find other people to help with specific tasks.

Give Yourself A Day Off

A real day off! Not a day when you are out of the office but constantly checking emails or posting to socials. Take one day a week, totally away from your business whenever possible, to give your mind a proper break.

Slow Down

Yes, you want your business to grow, but growth doesn’t happen overnight, and generally, businesses that take their time to learn, have fun and grow slowly, have more long-lasting success. Don’t feel as though you have to do everything at once.

Invest in Your Business

If you want a better balance and a more successful business, you need to invest in it. Hiring help is a great start, but you can also invest in tools such as simple online accounting software and automation software, which will make your life much easier.

Start Saying No

If your to-do list is growing out of control, start saying no. Say no to work, say no to helping others, and say no to yourself just before you add something else.
Remember, the old “work to live, not live to work” adage still applies when you work for yourself, doing something that you love.


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