Social Media making gambling all too easier now?

Gaming has long been a feature on the internet from simple games to pass the time like solitaire to more expensive options such as Call of Duty and GTA.

Online gaming, online casino, slot games are also available and the difference with these types of games is that they can cost you a small fortune if not carefully monitored or played with a cool head that knows your limits. Just like buying the lottery ticket online, there are many ways that people gamble online and with the invention of social media, the opportunity and temptations to have a flutter increases. We must not forget that the instruments allowing us to play these games are increasing and advancing from tables to mobile phones, Internet TV’s to laptops and with Wifi and better internet connections, you can gamble from home to office to sunning yourself on the beach.

The social element of games means you can interact and play with others to gamble against one or more other players for a chance to win a prize. Some clever companies see the draw of social media as an important part of their marketing where the likes of Twitter and Facebook can draw in many extra players and sharing to increase brand awareness and the likes of jackpot prizes. On the legal side of things, we must remember that some of these games might look like gambling but do not meet the actual legal definition ie if a prize offered is not money or money’s worth, they are not gambling under UK legislation.

There are many gambling and gaming websites online from the likes of Foxy Bingo, National Lottery, and others who offer huge cash prizes and even free memberships with cash bonuses.

As the importance of social media grows then the convergence between the major networking platforms and traditional style and innovative forms of gambling will increase. Yes, people may still pop to the local bookies to place a bet, but you can guarantee that the amount of gambling taking place online is more with mobile gambling a fast growing trend.

Gambling can be fun and indeed social, but just remember that when you place a bet that you are in fact taking a gamble and we have all heard wise words such as never gamble… But when you see the rewards that gambling can bring it is hard to resist the temptation – Wouldn’t you want to be the next person to see your six number drawn from the machine at the National Lottery?


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