Some Tips that will Help to Supercharge Your Social Media Marketing.

“Marketers now recognize the opportunity presented by social media with 86% indicating that it is important for their business”.

  • Don’t be afraid to address topics that consumers truly care about such as prices, complaints, problems, questions, suggestions and feedback – By being responsive to topics relevant to your potential clients/customers will engage them with your brand on social media.
  • Use Twitter to participate in relevant conversations and look to release short messages / links to longer form content preferable on your own website such as blogs.
  • You will make mistakes so be human about it. Many people make mistakes and that includes the big brands on social media, so if you make an error, spelling mistake of you have posted something on the wrong account then simply recognise the error and certainly thank the person who highlighted it to you.
  • Study both the positive and negative comments that your company may receive on social media and see to it that you have the necessary cover to give a prompt response. You may even assign a dedicated member of staff / management company to learn a list of troubleshooting actions or a library of common questions and answers so that as your social media presence builds, you can offer quick responses.
  • Think about not only yours, but the marketing efforts of your competitors and look to gather information to drive success from your initial and ongoing efforts on social media. Study you most closest competitors and research the platforms they are using and the style, quantity and times of their updates along with the results they achieve. Are they working?

to determine your audience’s interests and which platforms will be most effective for reaching them.



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