Spice Up Your Marketing Collateral For Better Business Results

Perfecting your traditional marketing collateral is a tried and tested way of drumming up new business. But let’s be honest, not everyone gets it right. We’ve all seen the poor quality flyers dropped through our letterboxes on a regular basis – and they always go straight into the bin.

That said, there is always one that catches your eye. It might be because of great design – it could be due to a compelling offer. But the point is, you have taken a closer look. And the chances are that you might well head to a shop and place an order, or visit a website to check it out in further detail.

But what is it that separates the wheat from the chaff? We’re going to take a look at how you can spice up your marketing collateral and get more from your brochures, leaflets, and posters.



Test everything

We’re used to testing everything in the online world. But people have been testing marketing prints for well over a hundred years. Before you can expect to see any improvements in your collateral performance, you have to test, collate, and analyse your results. Otherwise, where will you know where to improve? Start asking customers how they heard about you when they make a purchase. Was it a leaflet drop? Did they see a billboard? Once you know what’s working, you can improve things further and stop spending money on the dead wood.

Focus on copy and design

Design and copy are a vital ingredient to any piece of literature you send out into the wild. Let’s say your brochure is a rock band. The design would be the rhythm section, creating a mood and attracting interest. But the copy is the vocalist, delivering the message home with aplomb. Great copy mixed with great design sells a lot of stuff. So, invest in both if you want to see more improvement.

Near Field Communication

If you haven’t heard of near field communication – or NFC – the chances are, you are missing out. NFC Direct describe the near field tech  as “the most exciting, yet unheralded, developments of the modern digital age.” And it can bring big results to your business. Use NFC tags on your posters, business cards, or anything you print. You can fill them with any data you want – including direct links to deals on your website or social media channels. All your customer has to do is tap the material with their phone and they get taken straight to where you want them. It’s a lot easier to track than standard collateral, too.

End with a strong call to action

Every piece of marketing you print needs to have value – and it’s the start of a process. It is essential, then, that you let the reader know what you want them to do. A list of your products might look nice, but without a little push, most people will just find something else to read. Give them a compelling offer. Include a cutout discount card. And tell them it’s for a limited time only to give them that final push.

Hope these ideas help – let us know how you get on!


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