Spritz Into Spring – Zing Up Your Springtime Cocktails!

Spring calls for refreshing cocktails bursting with fruity flavours! Zing up your refreshments with Citizen Spritz’s innovative range of sweet and sharp flavoursome spritz mixes that are deeply complex in flavour. The carefully crafted but simple-to-serve drinks create amazingly authentic non-alcoholic aperitifs; so whether your tipple of choice is a zesty Aperol spritz, a minty fresh mojito or a sweet and sharp pornstar martini, Citizen Spritz has an almost identical alcohol-free version to savour this spritz season! The four fabulous recipes, Bitter Orange, Cool Lime, Pink Grapefruit and Passion Fruit deliver an intense flavour experience, balancing vibrant flavours with that elusive warming alcohol tingle.

Citizen Spritz, RRP £20/500ml bottle

Bitter Orange

Zesty & Bright: Citizen Spritz’s signature spritz. All the atmosphere of aperitivo hour, made deliciously alcohol-free. Olives optional.
Includes a blend of bitter orange oils, rhubarb and subtle hints of herbs and botanicals

Cool Lime

Minty & Fresh: Havana drink? Make it this mojito-inspired spritz, a deliciously alcohol-free blend of refreshing mint and lime flavours, guaranteed to bring Cuban kudos to your kitchen.
Contains pressed lime oils along with a careful blend of mint and notes of rum to provide the refreshing kick of a mojito.


Pink Grapefruit

Sharp & Intense: This Mexican-style tangy thirst quencher is full of punch, but free of alcohol, to keep you as sharp as a grapefruit and feeling perfectly in the pink.
Sharper-tasting pink grapefruit has ruby grapefruit juice along with a blend of natural flavouring components

Passion Fruit

Sweet & sharp: Never met a teetotal pornstar? This passion-filled classic is deceptively alcohol-free but exceptionally fruity.
Includes real passion fruit and orange juice.

Citizen Spritz has reinvented adult drinks with its range of alcohol-free instant spritz mixes. They are carefully crafted with over 40 natural ingredients to create deliciously long, refreshing spritz-style adult drinks.


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