Starting your own marketing agency

Starting up your own digital marketing agencies can be one of the most rewarding things you will ever do according to Gareth Bull! This fast-growing industry is a constantly expanding and changing. Now is the perfect time to start your own marketing agency.

In a study conducted in 2017, it was found that 93% of all online experiences start with a search engine. This shows how much people rely on using search engines to begin their Internet experience. We all use search engines daily, therefore, going into SEO which stands for search engine optimizing makes sense as they have a very high digital footprint. Digital marketing agencies have seen incredible growth and success in a short 4-year period rocketing to become one of the top 5 ranking SEO marketing firm in Europe. What Bulldog Digital Media shows us is that it is completely possible to become a top ranking SEO agency in a short period of time if you have the tenacity that this firm has.

Here are a few pro tips on getting started!

So when you finally start your own marketing agency make sure you do not try to be a one-stop shop. Being an all in one can be damaging unless you have secure financial backing if you do not, having a one-stop shop will use up too many of your resources and your capital will dwindle when you try to provide all services. Instead what you should be doing is finding your strongest quality and using that to help you reach your full potential. By resisting the urge to be a one-man army you are allowing yourself to learn and grow your strongest attributes. This strategy will pay off in the end and you’ll see results in no time.

Hiring the right people plays a huge role in how successful your marketing agency will be. When you are finally at that stage where you will be looking to take on more staff its time to start thinking very strategically. Skills and competencies are very important when looking for the right fit, however, saying this it is crucial that when hiring you also look at someone’s personality. This is a critical part of sourcing the right person for your company. You as a boss have to get along and like your employees. Skills can be taught ,personality can’t. Problems are also an important part of business as this means you are learning and growing. There will always be problems you encounter when you own a marketing agency its all about how you and your team deal with these highs and lows that will make you stronger.

Finally and possibly the most important tip to starting your own agency is networking! Networking is your most important attribute as a marketing agency. There is a power in networking. It is your biggest opportunity and a lot of your clients could very well come as a result of your networking and chance meetings. Attending conferences and connecting with as many people as possible through social media will help you grow and land those all important big deals.

So here’s to the next big marketing agency on the block. Best of luck and keep your head up, stay motivated and you will see results in no time.

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