Stop Annoying Your Site Visitors – Easy Ways to Improve Popovers.

One sure way of annoying visitors to your website is with through popovers that fail to engage. However, popovers can have a very positive impact on your visitors, and potential customers. Here Cloud-iQ presentĀ five ways that popovers can appeal to your visitors – and then consequently lead to more sales.

Offers And Free Content

A popover can be used to attract the interest of your visitors by way of exclusive offers or free content. Enticing prospective customers, with attractive offers and content that is free, can also be a useful way of obtaining the visitor’s email address. Visitors will be more compliant, if, when giving their email address, they feel that they will receive something worthwhile in return. If you obtain an email address from someone who has shown an interest in what you have to offer, then you can send them other offers and consequently increase your conversions over time.

Popovers For More Content

One excellent way of utilising popovers in a beneficial way is by having them triggered by content. For example, if a visitor to your website is enjoying reading an article, then you can use a popover to ask them if they would be interested in reading the rest of the article, or to view similar content. As the individual concerned has already shown that they are interested in the content by reading it, they may, as a result, be much more likely to offer their email address for access to more of the same type of content.

Predictive Popovers

Predictive technology can help to obtain contact details of a visitor when they show signs that they are about to leave a site. This can typically be determined when a mouse is about to be used to close a browser tab or the browser itself. But predictive technology can be used to offer visitors a popover that can motivate them to leave their details, and to eventually make a purchase.

Getting More Subscriptions

A more straightforward way of using popovers is to increase subscribers. A site like did this very successfully, and to such an extent that its customer database increased by a huge 1,375%.’s success was down to giving visitors the chance to sign up and see exclusive content in their newsletters, and the opportunity to take advantage of the site’s freebies.

Reminders Of An Event

Popovers can also be effectively used as a reminder to visitors to your website. In return for filling in their email address, visitors can be sent details of an upcoming sale that they are likely to be interested in, and when a deal begins and ends. To add a sense of urgency, conversions can be stimulated by a countdown to both the beginning and end of the relevant deal.


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