Stylish Leather Strap Quartz Sports Watch by Mini Focus

Price and quality is taken care of here in the stylish Quartz sports watch range from Mini Focus – Most watches will come in under $60 and are water proof to 30m and have a long lasting leather strap and steel buckle. The range are very eye catching and the varied styles will suit most fashion trends be it for the office or simply relaxing with friends at the bar.

Exquisite and fine watchmaking craftsmanship, simple and personalised design.

watch photo 2

Though this MF0025G model has a rather load and proud face it to, the weight is easy to get on with and feel secure on the wrist with the quality leather strap and buckle. The dial offers not only the time and date, you also have three further mini dials for stop watch usage including chronograph minute, second and 1/10 second.

Mini Focus leather strap watch

The option I took is the black edition, though the Mini Focus website offers three other colour options for this model. Check out further steel and leather strap options directly on the Mini Focus website here: Quality Watches.

Oliver Walkey

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