Book Review

Rosa Offers Gritty Twist on Classic Cinderella Fairytale

1st November 2021

LONDON/NYC, NY, Sept. 28, 2021 — An unrelenting heatwave has hit the streets of London. The city is a furnace, a sweatbox of people melting on their daily grind. Within the confines of one public housing building lies a coldness — a sharp icy blast of harsh, unforgiving betrayal. For one young family in particular,…

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A Guide To The Wines Of The World And How To Enjoy Them

15th June 2020

The Wine Explorer by Graham Mitchell released today on June 15th, is a guide to the world of wine, he shares his personal stories from touring wineries across the world, including France, Argentina, South Africa Australia and New Zealand, he shares with you the factors behind the bottle of wine and the world of wine.…

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