Tech Evangelist Robert Scoble Joins Insta360 as Strategic Consultant

Leading 360-degree camera maker Insta360 has announced a new partnership with famed blogger, author and immersive technology expert Robert Scoble, who will act as the company’s strategic consultant as it continues its global expansion. 

Scoble, who first rose to fame as a public-relations ace and irrepressible tech lover at Microsoft during the early 2000’s, has since aimed his enthusiasm at virtual reality, mixed reality and immersive media. 

“I’ve been a fan of Insta360 since their first cameras, and I’m thrilled to join them as they continue to grow,” said Scoble. “They move faster than any other hardware company I know, and their products hit an amazing balance between innovative tech and simple, accessible design. I see them becoming a major driver of 360 camera adoption and the broader shift to immersive media.”

Scoble, a partner at the mixed-reality focused consultancy firm Transformation Group, has spent recent years researching the way that virtual and mixed reality will change the way people live, work and communicate. 

He will leverage his large social-media following, deep network of tech industry movers, and his long-view insight into immersive technology as he works with Insta360 to pursue its goal – to empower people to freely share experiences with simple, versatile 360 cameras. 

Along with outreach and advisory support, Scoble will also call on his chops as a creator to contribute to the Insta360 Blog and kick off a new podcast, in which he’ll share his views on the development of the mixed, augmented and virtual reality space. 

Founded in 2014, Insta360 has made its name on cleverly designed, user-friendly 360-degree cameras that fit seamlessly into people’s mobile-first photography and sharing habits. In June, it started shipments of the Insta360 Pro, an all-in-one solution for professional VR creators that makes high-quality stereoscopic (3D) 360 video simple. 

With its range of versatile, innovative cameras, Insta360 aims to help people share their stories using the immersive power of 360-degree photo, video and live broadcast. 

About Insta360

Established in 2014, Insta360 creates the world’s most advanced and accessible 360-degree cameras. Designed lightweight and portable, Insta360’s products can be used for tourism, real estate, journalism, events and conferences, and by intrepid storytellers everywhere. Insta360 empowers users to create virtual-reality (VR) content and broadcast immersive experiences to the world with 360 live-streaming. 

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