The 4 Cornerstones Of Internet Marketing For Small Businesses

If you own a small business, you need to use internet marketing. Growing a business online is so important as it helps you gain so much visibility in the modern world.

Keeping that in mind, here are the four cornerstones of internet marketing for small businesses. Read them, take the info on board, then apply it to your marketing strategy!


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It’s impossible to talk about internet marketing for small businesses and not mention SEO. It’s simply the most important method of marketing your business. The idea is that you have a business website, and you optimise it for search engines. What this means is that you make your site and your web pages easy for search engines to find, which contributes to a higher ranking, which means more engagement and more traffic. SEO is highly complex, and pretty much every small business gets outside help with it. There’s a lot to think about such as on-site SEO and off-site SEO. But, when perfected, you will see a massive rankings boost and increased visibility for your business online.

PPC Marketing

Pay Per Click marketing is arguably the most effective method of paid internet marketing. The concept behind it is simple, you bid on adverts online, and if you win, your advert gets placed on a certain site or in a certain place. Then, you pay the ad agency every time someone clicks on your advert. While the concept may be simple, it’s quite difficult to put into practice. This is why man small businesses hire a PPC agency to help them out. But, it’s very effective as paid ads get a lot of views and engagement. A worthwhile investment for any small business that’s using internet marketing.


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Social Media Marketing

Social media has grown to become part of everyday life now. We see political elections influenced by social media, everything seems to go through Twitter or Facebook these days. As far as internet marketing goes, social media is a must for small businesses. It places you in a unique position to be able to connect with consumers from all over the world and share news about your business. It can also help drive traffic to your site through links, and a strong social media presence will mean your business is more visible and recognisable.

Influence Marketing

Influencer marketing is a fairly new concept that’s almost born out of social media. Nowadays, with the popularity of YouTube and social media, there are loads of people that have become ‘internet famous’. The have large online followings, which makes them an influencer. Small business can agree on brand deals with influencers to get them to promote your products. It’s a wise investment as an influencer could have a hundred times the amount of followers than you, maybe even more! They can promote your products to more people, and help influence them for your benefit.

Make sure these four concepts are a big part of your internet marketing campaign. Anything else is a bonus, these are the main things to invest time and money into.



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