The benefits of using Google Plus for your estate agency.

Are you using Google Plus to increase the visibility of your Estate Agency? Before you say, “Oh hang on, I’m already on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, AND Vine, I haven’t got time for another social network” there are definite benefits.

Google Plus and SEO

In the recent Moz report, The future of search, Google Plus was listed as the fourth most important factor in the future of search engines. Why is Google + seen as so important in SEO?  It’s to do with personalition – if you search for something and some of your friends have already liked a page then that page will climb higher in the rankings when you view it, personalised for you.

Google Plus posts also count higher on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) – rewarding new fresh content posted on Google +. Google + isn’t a way to trick the Google SERPs, but knowing that it does have a bearing could help you decide where to spend your time online, and where to post links to your blogs.

Google Plus for Local Businesses

Estate Agents using Google Plus as a local business will see a real benefit. Estate Agents can link their Google + page to their Google Places for Business page and also their own website. When potential customers are searching for “Estate Agent in YourTown” your agency is more likely to come up “above the fold” and in the map section – which also includes all the contact details for your potential customers. It will link to reviews, and opening hours and even videos and pictures if you have set up your page right. All very powerful and helpful for your business and getting it found.

Google Plus and Social Signals

According to a study by SearchMetrics, Google + Likes and shares play a big part in defining search ranking factors. Twitter and Facebook as entities hinder Google from looking at their searches, shares and likes, so Google + shares and likes mean more for searches. The higher you are in the search the better your chances of being found by your house sellers and buyers.

Using Google Plus

Even if you are not keen to use Google Plus as your customers may not see your posts, persevere with it. Putting content on Google + will attract people to it, putting in links etc can only benefit you through the SEO in the long run.



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