The Crucial Importance Of Having Employee Development Goals

Setting of employee development goals is an important part of the employee motivation process in any organization. Setting and achieving the development goals of employees makes them feel accomplished and as a result they push their performance to an ever increasing height. The development of the organization and the success of an organization depend heavily on the standards set as the development goals of the employees.

The 4 important components of employee development goals

The employee developments goals should be set with the following four important components in mind-

  • Great employee development goals are specific
  • They are time bound which means they are for a particular time frame
  • They are measurable which means that the success or failure can be measured easily through a set of attributes
  • They are reasonably attainable

The companies which create the development goals of employees keeping all these vital components in mind can see a high rate of success through the goals they create.

Examples of employee development goals

Productivity goals – Productivity means the amount of work done in a specific period of time which is productive. The overall company’s productivity can be achieved by setting the productivity goals of the individual employees. This allows the company to get more work in the given period of time with the same number of working employees. A great example of the productivity goal is- For a data entry clerk you can set the goal to increase the speed of typing by 5 words per minute every month until he reaches say 60 words per minute typing speed.

Efficiency goals – efficiency includes speed, accuracy and consistent quality with which an employee works on a job. The workers who are more efficient make fewer mistakes than those who are less efficient. This increases their efficiency without lowering the quality standards. The example of efficiency goal is – For a customer service executive the efficiency goal is to reduce the number of calls lasting more than 5 minutes to under ten a day.

Educational goals – These are important types of employee development goals since educational achievement makes employees valuable and enriches their lives in other areas. The valuable goals in this category are college degrees, training programs sponsored by companies and professional certifications. A good educational goal can be- A goal set for a manager to fulfill all seven management trainee modules before the performance review in the next year.

Personal development goals – There are many intangible characteristics like leadership skills, effectiveness of communication, conflict management skill, team setting and strategic management which are important for the success of an employee and his competitiveness. A good example of this employee development goal is – to speak up and give a contribution in all the team meetings during a certain project.


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