The Cure for Your Stale Website

A business website is one of the most important components to your company. Without an online presence, you’re missing out on a lot of potential customers that simply can’t access your business because they aren’t local. For instance, you’re doing yourself a disservice if your locally-famous homemade crafts store doesn’t ship overseas or even within the country. It’s easy to setup, there are plenty of services that will assist your endeavours and creating a website has become much easier over the past couple of years.


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Despite how simple it is to create a great looking website, your design alone won’t contribute much to your website’s success. What your website needs is good content and a good user experience. Your website could be black text on a white background and as long as you give your customers the relevant information they need plus a few pictures here and there, it’s going to be a lot more effective than a static website with no content.


Drawing in more viewers


Let’s talk about search engine optimisation (or SEO for short). SEO is basically a term used to describe all the strategies and tricks that people use in order to rate themselves higher on a search engine query. For instance, when you type a term such as “best television 2017” into Google, you’ll usually get a bunch of different results. Some of them might be top 10 lists, some might just be advertising a single television, and you might even get Amazon links.


If Google rates you highly, then you’ll be higher up on the search terms and you’ll get more exposure. For Google to consider you a good website, you need to focus on SEO, but that alone won’t be enough. Services such as are great at teaching you the basics of SEO and guiding you through everything. However, one of the most basic SEO principles that doesn’t need to be taught is the idea of original content.


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How to make original content


Depending on your website’s purpose, original content basically relies on your own creativity. This great article at is a good companion to anyone looking to create fantastic original content, but let’s go through the basics so you can get a good grasp of what original content is.


Original content means that you thought up your own content. This is easier than it sounds; as long as you aren’t stealing other people’s work word for word, you’ll be fine. You can copy formats such as “top 10 lists” or “storytime” articles, but you can’t copy the exact same content on those formats. For instance, if someone makes a top 10 inspirational facts article, you can copy the same idea and format, but you can’t use the same article name or the same items in the list.


Focus on writing original product descriptions for the items you are selling, never copy and paste other people’s work, and try to write blog or news posts that are relevant to your business. You’ll see your business flourish, your website will generate more traffic, and you’ll be exposed to the masses.



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