The Difference between E-Wallets and Mobile Depositing

Deposition of money is one of the essentials of playing at an online or a mobile casino. There are numerous ways through which a person can deposit or withdraw his money in a mobile casino. With the increasing demand for the safety of the customer information and bank accounts, mobile casino websites have come up with a few very safe and easy to use banking methods. Two of the most famous methods are E-wallets and mobile depositing. Mobile depositing is also known as payment through phone billing.

E-Wallets for mobile casino In A Nutshell

E-Wallets are the electronic methods of payment, it is an application or a virtual wallet that saves your money and helps you use that money for various transactions. E-wallets are very easy to use. All you have to do is transfer the money from your bank account into the wallet and it stays there for an indefinite period of time until you use it. There are numerous e-wallet services available at the casinos like Monster Casino and much more.

Mobile Depositing In A Nutshell

Mobile depositing or phone billing is another technique that can be used at any mobile casino to make deposits. This is a fairly newer technique and is becoming increasingly famous day by day. Mobile casinos such as Monster Casino provide this service. In this method, all you need to have an active mobile connection and the money deposited into the mobile casino account is deducted from your mobile bill or balance amount.

E-Wallets and Mobile Depositing Methods – which is better?

Though both methods are extremely famous, there are some major differences that a person should know before opting for any one of these. The differences are:Accessibility

The mobile depositing and e wallets are both easily accessible in any mobile casino. However, the e-wallets have been in the scene for a longer time and can be found more frequently than the mobile deposition method. You can find both these services in all big mobile casinos but not in the smaller ones.

Internet Availability

The e-wallets require the availability of Internet to work. The player needs to deposit an amount of money through the Internet into his e-wallets and then make the payment through the Internet. However, in the case of mobile deposition, all that is required is a network connection and a phone. It takes place through messages.

Ease of Usage

Both the mobile deposition and e-wallets have been designed in a way that the customers are able to understand them easily. However, if we have to compare which is better, we would say mobile deposit or pay by mobile bill method is easier to access. Since the only thing the player has to do is enter his mobile number and a temporary password and the transaction happens.


When it comes to safety, the mobile deposition wins hands down. The reason for this is that in an e wallet, the person has to first deposit the money in the wallet. There is a chance that the wallet details get leaked and the wallet is hacked. This can also lead to the leaking of bank account and card details and the player can lose all the money in the wallet. However, in the case of mobile deposition, the billing is done through the phone bill and no care or credit details are leaked. The balance is included in the mobile bill due for the next month.


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