The DIY Aesthetic: A Model To Follow?

The Do It Yourself aesthetic is a very appealing one to many small companies. The British indie record labels of the early 1980’s like Factory or Rough Trade seemed to thrive on the small-scale “let’s all chip in” method to working. And with all modern independent record labels now, they consist of being home-run businesses, where one partner may design the sleeves and does the marketing, while the other deals with the finite details. This example is indicative of the scope small businesses are capable of in the 21st century, and it’s all down to the internet. Where would we be without it, eh? So, what does the DIY aesthetic do for people wanting to start their own company, and is it a viable option? Or more importantly, do many people have no other option?


The great thing about running your own business from home is, apart from the sheer convenience, you have much more control over the whole process. The DIY business has given people the opportunity to take the power back over each aspect of the business, and this can have positive and negative effects. The business image you have crafted is one that is very likely down to the last detail, from the packaging to the email sign-off, the little details are ones that will make your business appeal to customers more readily, right? Well, yes and no. While working with absolute care and attention to your baby means you won’t sell your business short, it may make you a bit rigid in your approach and unwilling to change something, even if it may mean better custom. But that is the peril of a personal investment in a business. On the other hand, it can mean a lot more thought and effort on those small personal touches. Using resealable pouches that have your business logo on them, or having small trinkets as part of your package to ensure that your customers remember you, these are good ideas to extend one of the most important things about your business, its personality. And while the personality is an integral part of the brand, this can be something that is overlooked, especially if you are just chomping at the bit to get the business off the ground. This can mean you are potentially flying without wings at points, which is why preparation is a vital first step. Determining your business plan and executing the most fruitful online marketing methods will help to get over the initial difficult beginnings.


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The marketing itself is another thing that can be a struggle in the DIY business, purely because you are stretching yourself over many different roles and duties, but the key to making sure you market well is to just find the right audience. Once that has been established, you can then go for the key social media channels or promotional materials. It can be a struggle in many respects, but the work of a DIY company is one that demands a lot of hours, but it will present a lot of rewards.  


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