The Importance of Great Content In Marketing

Content writing holds a prominent place in the world of marketing today. Any business who has their own website should understand the role content plays, and how they can utilise it to build their audience and conversions.

If you do it right, quality content can improve your positions in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) and will ultimately drive traffic to your website. Whilst some businesses choose to build their own team of writers and marketers, others favour outsourcing to expert content creation services who can ensure your primary goals are met.

As mentioned, relevant and authoritative content on both your web/product pages and blog posts can improve the number of relevant visitors who arrive on your site. Not only will it draw the attention of new users, but it will also help to retain your current client base. If you build out an email list, following data protection laws, you can reach out to your subscribers every time a new article has been written. In fact, it doesn’t even need to be an article on your site. You can instead reach out to these contacts with information content through your email, with appropriate CTA (Call to Action) buttons which will direct them to relevant pages on your site.

Any content that you build on your website needs to be search engine optimised. SEO plays a crucial part in content marketing, as the editorial produced needs to be optimised for your target keywords. You also need to keep in mind the questions that your audience will be searching for. If your content can answer key user queries, and prove to be an informational piece, you may find it will start to rank highly.

Whether you choose to focus on your content marketing in-house or not is entirely up to you, and it will depend on your needs and capacity. If you don’t have the capabilities to build strong content internally, then it’s worth considering content writing services. These services can follow your brand voice and build around your goals. Keyword research is important, and the experts will understand the need for keyword density to help boost your SEO. These elements can’t be overlooked.

Content can also help you to boost your social media presence, which is another area of marketing that will need to be considered. Articles are constantly getting picked up on platforms such as Twitter and with the right approach, they quickly go viral. This can be a huge source of traffic. If you want to produce “buzz” content, then you need to focus on what is trending. Tools such as Google Trends will help to inform you on the top trending searches. If these are relevant to your business, you can jump on the trend whilst it’s still hot and see if you can build some traction online.

All marketers need to focus on their content if they wish to keep up with their competitors. It’s a very simple tool, but needs to be used right.


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