The Importance of Saying No

Saying no is something that sounds so easy, but that most of us are absolutely terrible at. We say yes when friends need a favour. We say yes when relatives ask us to do something or go somewhere, even if we know that we haven’t really got time. We say yes to staying late at work, taking extra projects on and even taking work home with us, even if we’re not getting paid any extra for it. We say yes to everything, often because we’re worried about keeping everyone happy. We put others before ourselves, which can be great. Helping others when you can makes you a great employee, a brilliant friend and a wonderful family member. It makes you someone that other people can rely on, and hopefully, it means that you’ll get a lot of love, support and help back in turn. 


But, sometimes you need to put yourself first. Sometimes, you need to say no, even if it’s hard and causes upset. Here’s a look at why. 


For Your Health and Wellbeing


Saying yes to everything all of the time can have a negative effect on your health and wellbeing. At work, you can take to take DSE compliance training to minimise risks, but still, trying to take too much on can leave you stressed, tired and depressed. At home, running around after everyone else and neglecting your own needs can have the same impact. Failing to put your own health first is always a mistake. 


Say No to Be Better at Yes


Say yes all the time, do everything for everyone, and you’ll be exhausted. You won’t be able to work or look after family to the best of your ability. You won’t be able to do anything as well as you’d like to. Say no sometimes, and you’ll be much better at the things that you do say yes to. 


To Reduce Your Stress


Stress is a word that gets thrown about a lot. We all suffer from stress in our lives, and a little of it is completely normal. It’s often how you deal with stress that matters. When you say yes to everything, you don’t have time to deal with your stress. It starts to take over. You can’t sleep; you can never relax; your mind won’t settle. Say no sometimes to give yourself a chance to breathe. 


To Help Others Appreciate You


Saying yes all the time has other risks aside from those to your health. There’s a risk that others will start to see you as a doormat. They’ll know that you are the person to turn to, and they might begin to take advantage, even without realising. Say no, sometimes, and others will appreciate you more. 


Saying No Will Boost Your Confidence


Saying no can be scary. Feeling that others are taking advantage of you can leave you feeling undervalued and low in self-esteem. Start saying no, however, and it will get easier. You’ll suddenly start to feel more confident, not just in saying no, but in all areas of putting yourself first. 



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