The Importance of Secure Remote Access When Working Away from the Office

These days, working away from the office is a common occurrence. Thanks to the power of technology, it’s easy to connect to the office systems remotely. However, as beneficial as remote working can be, it does pose some security issues.

Here, we’ll look at the importance of secure remote access when working away from the office.

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and it’s fast become an essential part of internet security. It basically creates a virtual encrypted tunnel, where all of your data and traffic is routed privately. It prevents hackers from stealing your information and also allows you to choose from a list of specific locations to hide your identity online.

For example, you could choose to use a VPN server in the United States, even if you don’t live there. This would make it look like you yourself are in the United States, providing excellent privacy while browsing online. So, why is this important in terms of remote working?

Ensuring adequate security

The main reason VPN’s are important for remote working, is because it protects the businesses’ systems. You’ll be accessing the systems in the office from your own personal computer, and this can add a lot of risk in terms of internet security. Hackers could easily gain access from your computer to the office system. In turn, this could lead to a major and costly security breach.

By adding a VPN, even to more secure ADSL connections, you’ll eliminate this risk, and save yourself a lot of stress and financial troubles.

Things to keep in mind

While VPN’s can be great, there are some things you should keep in mind before using one. Firstly, you’ll want to avoid what is known as split tunnelling. This basically means allowing users to access both unsecured and secured networks. If IP routing is enabled on any of the computers connected to the office system, malicious users could potentially get in too. So, you’ll want to disable this feature if you can.

Not all VPN’s are designed the same. Some will be much more secure than others. Therefore, it’s important to compare your options before choosing the best one to match your needs. You’ll want to research and find the most secure VPN for businesses. Many VPN’s are designed more towards personal use than business use.

Overall, when you’re working out of the office, it’s important to consider the security aspects of accessing your work systems remotely. A VPN is one of the best security measures you can take to ensure all of your data and internet traffic is kept well protected.


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