The importance of understanding how your customers use social media when in the fashion industry.

The importance of understanding how your customers use social media when in the fashion industry.
Everyone’s using social media now days, so no matter what you’re trying to promote, you should be on top of it too! It is important to understand exactly how your customers use it, in order to relate to them and engage with them in a way that will eventually increase your website traffic and result in a sale!
A study from eBay Deals found that more people are using social media for wardrobe advice, trend inspiration and fashion tips. Some designers have even previewed their collections exclusively on Pinterest! This shows how many people trust in the content found on social media – a great oppurtunity for retailers in the industry!

Pinterest – Customers use Pinterst as a form of inspiration. As it is purely an image based platform, they go to it for ideas on how to put outfits together and wear the clothes that YOU are selling them. It is important to understand this concept and use it correctly – you don’t want to loose potential interest! So post ideas on how customers can use/wear your product… And keep it light – hearted!
Twitter – Twitter is used more for information on the industry, and for exclusive promotions/offers. It is a great platform to build a relationship with customers and engage with them – this will allow you to further understand their needs. Do do this, you need to understand how and when customer are using the profile. A constant flow of content will ensure a maximum customer reach. Try different styles of posts, eg rhetorical questions, competitions and links – this will allow you to investigate what your followers prefer, and tailor posts to suit them.
Facebook – This platform is more of a business profile. With updates about the company, customers can use it to learn more about where they are buying from. Your customer will like you on Facebook to get daily news and promotions, however won’t engage with you very much through it. Therefore, if you are looking for a conversation, use Twitter! Trying to talk to your customers over Facebook could be seen as ‘nagging’ them and ultimately lose you likes!
By using your social media platforms the wrong way, it can draw customers away and lose sales. By using them the right way, it could increase website traffic and increase sales! Therefore, it is very important to fully understand how your customers are using social media.


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