The People Who Want To Steal From You And Keeping Them Out

How long have criminals been around? Think about it.

Well, it goes back in the evolutionary chain: “Primates often have notions of fairness and sharing, with violations punished by exclusion or banishment from social groups. In human history, prior to agriculture, more nomadic cultures had systems of punishment for behavior or resistance, including those developed by the Huns throughout Mongolia”.

The truth is, crime has existed since, well, we existed!

There are people out there who will look to take what you hold valuable. It might be for reasons of desperation, it might be because they need the money, it might be for the thrill or it might be because it’s easy. The fact is that if you make it easy, people are going to steal from you and it will hurt your business, or worse.

On-site or off-site, your security needs to be ramped up. Criminals are finding new ways of taking what is yours and will utilise new methods against those who cannot be bothered to keep up and the results aren’t fun. It’s time to protect your business.

First off, lock up the location when you’re not in. It’s not funny how many business owners are leaving their sites open after hours. Eventually, someone will notice and take advantage of this. It’s just so easy to walk right in, so lock the doors!

How’s your on-site security doing? Do you have up-to-date systems that can’t be deactivated or penetrated? A wireless security system can offer a lot to your business. Because it’s wireless, it’s portable and there are no wires for criminals to cut, meaning you can’t deactivate it from the outside. If the alarm is triggered, the authorities will be notified automatically, meaning you can rest easy at night knowing your business is protected.

If your site does have items of tremendous value, it may be worth hiring a security guard to add a physical presence to your site and deter criminals. Have numerous deterrences and you’ll keep criminals away at all times.

Criminals can still attack your business via the internet and these cyber-criminals are not only after your finances, but the information your business holds that can be sold to the highest bidder. That means you need to regularly update your computer systems, ensure strong passwords are changed with a regular frequency and that all sensitive data is either encrypted or securely destroyed when it is no longer needed anymore.

There’s no guarantees that you can protect yourself from a cyber-crime attack, but you can take all the steps necessary to make this as hard as possible. One such step is to use anti-virus software to scan your systems for viruses or trojans which will look to lock you down and steal your data.

Looking after your business isn’t easy, but the consequences of your location being breached by criminals are far more worse than the time it takes to secure your site and systems. Look after yourself, your business, and your money and employees will be kept safe at all times.

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