The practical benefits of vertical radiators

Radiators are becoming more modern and stylish, meaning we can choose from some of the most stunning designs to suit us. But it’s not all about aesthetics – we need radiators that can suit our space, and work effectively. This is where a vertical radiator excels. Whilst also looking incredibly chic, they can fit in the smallest, slimmest of areas, whilst heating your room in the most efficient way. Read on as we take a closer look at some of the practical benefits that come with adding vertical radiators to your home.


One of the most notable practical benefits that come with vertical radiators is that they are space-saving. It goes without saying, that your average horizontal radiators do take up wall space, which can be an issue if you’re trying to heat a small room, for example, your bathroom, hallway, or cloakroom. Vertical radiators come in a range of heights and widths so that you can choose a design that suits your room perfectly. Vertical radiators can sit perfectly in corners, and the slimmest of spaces, meaning you can heat your room effectively, without having to compromise on space available. As well as this, choosing a chrome vertical radiator with a metallic finish allows you to bounce light around the room, giving the illusion that the room is bigger than it actually is.

Towel rails

A popular type of vertical radiator comes in the form of a towel rail. These rails can be added to kitchens and bathrooms and are incredibly practical in a range of ways. Not only do they provide efficient heat to your chosen room, but they are also perfect for hanging towels on when you’re not using them. No one wants to get out of the shower to use a damp, cold towel. But you can stop this from happening by hanging your used towel on the rail, to ensure it’s soft, dry, and fluffy for the next time you use it. You can choose from towel rails that are of various heights, as well as curved towel rails that make it easier for you to hang your used towels without them bunching behind the radiator.


Having an old, plain radiator in your home not only takes up space, but as it ages, the likelihood of it heating a room effectively reduces. Choosing a modern, vertical radiator to heat your space means you can take advantage of some of the most advanced heating capabilities, which can benefit both the comfort of your home and the amount you’re paying for energy at the end of the month! Efficiency is crucial when it comes to buying a new radiator, and some of the best vertical radiators to choose from when it comes to heating capabilities include column radiators, which look stylish in both modern and traditional-style homes.

Style choices

There is a huge range of style choices that you can choose from to ensure you’re getting a vertical radiator to suit you. But this isn’t simply beneficial when it comes to aesthetics – it has practical benefits too. A radiator with a flat-lined front means you can keep it as close to the wall as possible, avoiding it protruding into your valuable space. Choosing a chrome radiator means that you can use it to make your space look bigger as the light reflects off the shiny surface. Choosing a towel rail means you can hang your towels easily. There is a range of styles, all with practical benefits to suit your home.


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