The rise of Pharmacy2U changing healthcare in the UK

Pharmacy2U is based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, only trades within UK markets and was founded by Chairman Andy Hornby, over 15 years ago. It partners with 300 UK NHS GP surgeries and averages £20 million in annual sales. It also partners with a sister company, Chemist Direct for health and beauty products.

So, how does the rise of Pharmacy2U change healthcare in the UK? Arguably, the main change comes about through the convenience factor of Pharmacy2U. Rather than having to wait for several days for a GP appointment to get a prescription, and then having to make a separate trip to a local pharmacy to get the medicine (sometimes to find that they don’t have it in stock!), you can simply order the prescription on the Pharmacy2U website, and the pharmacists will request it from your GP, and then they will post the medication to you in discreet packaging. This saves a lot of time and effort, increases confidentiality and reduces the risk of running out of medication because life has got in the way and you’ve forgotten to order a repeat prescription! If you’re registered with the company, you’ll get a text message alert which will remind you to order your prescription online, about a week before it is due to run out, so that you have one less excuse to forget!

This hugely impacts on healthcare in the UK, because it means that less people will end up having to seek emergency prescriptions from GPs, emergency help from out of hours doctors, or even from A&E due to consequences of not taking your medication for a few days. It also saves care workers time because they don’t have to collect prescriptions on behalf of service users, and it means that some people who would have had difficulty collecting and ordering prescriptions can maintain more independence and freedom.

Another service that Pharmacy2U provides is an online doctor. For non-emergency medical complaints, you can type your symptoms into the website, an online GP will review your symptoms and then they will sort out a prescription for you. This saves time in GP surgeries for people with more serious illnesses who need to see a doctor urgently.

Since all prescriptions on Pharmacy2U are electronic, healthcare in the UK can provide an eco-friendly service as well as a more convenient and efficient one.


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