The Social Media and Blogging Combo.

Social media and blogging go hand in hand. This is undeniable and makes a combination of the two crucial to the success of anyone looking for an effective online presence. Facebook currently has 1.19 billion users and there are roughly 500 million on Twitter. What an audience; what a reach for your business. But, although there are 500 million potential clients out there, how do you plan to engage them? Regular content is crucial. Having an account on a major social media platform is all well and good, but without engaging or entertaining the follower, you can’t expect to make sales.

This is where blogging comes in. Blogs are a way of creating a personality for your company. They can make you seem approachable, which few other marketing techniques can. Rather than confronted by a faceless corporation, you are receiving information, advice, tips and anecdotes from a likeable and interactive online presence, a company you can relate to, who cares about your opinion.

It is generally still considered that ‘people buy from people’. Blogging gives you the opportunity to develop your company as a person and allows you to give insights into your business that surely you shouldn’t divulge. Unfortunately, you just can’t stop yourself, due to the close connection you have with every one of your readers.

Social media is your platform for sharing these words of wisdom or whimsy. It gives you the opportunity to shout out to the millions of potential customers out there that ‘here is a company worth listening to! Here is a business with knowledge to impart! Here are people who care!’

Social Media and blogging go hand in hand because people crave entertainment; but they also need to be told where to find it. Craft regular, entertaining and above all interactive content and the masses will come. Use social media to direct them where to go.


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