The Squad That Every Business Needs

You’ve seen the four unmissable qualities of a well-run business, well here are three positions within your business that can’t be missed out that’ll help to run it well! Even though you might think your business isn’t big enough to need or even warrant the filling of these positions — it is and it needs them; unless, of course, you yourself are professionally trained expert in just about everything.


Firstly, you should seek to hire an accountant, and sooner rather than later! They provide a real back bone for your business, allowing you to focus on all the other aspects of it that are stressing you out. They will assist you in all the financial matters, including the drawing up of your professional business plan and any tax issues regarding the registering of a new business. As well as this, an accountant will give you a peace of mind when it comes to a number of acronyms that have so far just given you a headache whenever you’ve look at or thought about them, like VAT and PAYE procedures. They would take these tasks as their own as well as keeping on top of all your regulatory and compliance requirements.


Secondly, an experienced in-house corporate lawyer should be sought in order to ease the strain of financial worries, business setup and law interpretation. Businesses must comply with the laws set by, well, the law, and corporate lawyers make sure their clients’ activities are in accordance with these. They also prepare the legal documents required for corporate activities and the transactions undertaken by their clients, such as business acquisition, and can even act as a project manager on these, making sure the legal aspects run smoothly and on schedule.


Finally, to be successful in the business world of today, a business must have a good and active online presence, so hiring someone that is known as a webmaster is vital. You need somebody to look after your social media sites and your SEO (search engine optimisation) so that you can get the best out of the ever changing world of today’s technology, and that’s what a webmaster does. SEO is of great importance in the marketing of your product online, and a webmaster would optimise it to the max. If a potential customer is searching in your market online, they want quick and accurate information — the business that offers this has that all-important initial attention of the customer. Also, to have a continuously impactful social media image, a vital component in marketing your business, a webmaster would write blogs, articles and posts; oversee competitions and campaigns that would promote your business; take part in conferences and group chats that are relevant to your industry; and develop strategies to increase your audience. And these are just a few of the jobs given to a social media manager.


So, despite your trepidation at filling these positions because you don’t think that your business is big enough to need them, you must fill them and create this super squad! And as well as all the professional benefits you will get from hiring an accountant, a corporate lawyer and a webmaster, you may also forge like-minded and life-long friendships!



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