Top Marketing Secrets of Hotels & Casinos

Entertainment segment has always been an integral element of a tourist complex that organically enters tourism industry and brings billions of dollars every year. Gambling business (casinos, slot machines, bookmakers’ offices, lotteries, etc.) is an important part of this particular sphere. For the last couple of years, the major gambling capitals saw the opening of more casinos with luxury designs, technological innovations, and a great variety of games. In its turn, online casinos are also on the rise with more than a 100 already operating. If you are interested in online gambling, then have a look at Casumo casino review online – one of the most trustworthy internet casinos.

Marketing secrets of success


It should be mentioned that marketing of the gambling business is pretty specific and requires a certain creative approach. As a result of such creativity, marketing specialists have developed all possible and impossible marketing tricks that are aimed at creating a special atmosphere that automatically attracts guests as well as satisfies all their wishes and fantasies. For instance, one of the greatest ways to attract players from all over the world is to open the largest entertainment centers – Las Vegas Convention Center, Fashion Show Mall, etc. – that have exclusive rights to hold grand shows and concerts with the participation of the world’s most popular celebrities.

Another marketing trick is especially suitable for those who want to get married almost for free. Thousands of couples from all across the globe come to Vegas to get married in one of many local chapels. This business is very developed due to free laws in the US and that’s why people who are over 18 can get married within minutes just for $40.

The next marketing trick that attracts millions of people is simply unbelievable. Once, designers have brought a part of the Berlin Wall from Germany. Also, the statues in the Venetian hotel are not real but alive and very often scare tourists with unexpected movements. Even in a toilet there is a trick – people are offered to check their weight and if the number coincides with the winning number of the game, then a person can become a millionaire.

The art of placing slot machines, table and card games correctly is also very important. There is even a list of rules that let owners of gambling places increase the profit. For example, at the entrance, you will see only slots with low bets, whereas the most profitable ones will be at the spot with the big flow of people. Also, being inside a casino, it’s hard to see doors, windows, and clocks as they distract players from the games.

And one more amazing marketing trick is the creation of own National Airlines because Vegas is pretty far from the majority of big cities. The flights from the east coast of America to the west coast have a compulsory stop at Vegas. If a person wants to fly from New York to Los Angeles, a flight with a stop in Vegas will cost much cheaper than a direct flight.

The gambling industry is known for its clever and brilliant marketing strategies that attract thousands of players every year. Sometimes, they are subtle, sometimes, they are not, but one thing is for sure – they indeed work!


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