Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Flyer Printing for Your Business   

Living in today’s modern world has its advantages and disadvantages especially when it comes to marketing. Online Marketing has been the rave for many years, but this style of marketing doesn’t seem to speak directly to customers. E-Mail Blasts, Pop-Ups, and Banner Ads are okay in their own rights, but they’re annoying when searching for meaningful content.

Print Marketing, on the other hand, is a tried and true method of marketing. It effectively captures your attention without all of the online distractions. Well-designed print marketing gives a great impression and conveys a much better message to potential clients. This style of advertising feels more personal and builds a better customer-base as it speaks directly to the customers. Contrary to belief; print marketing is thriving and experiencing a revival in the 21st Century with products such as:

  • Printed Newsletters
  • Business Cards
  • Direct Mail
  • Flyers
  • Pamphlets

They are associated with different forms of marketing that grab the attention of the public with its rich and glossy designed paper. These products seem to imprint on your mind more so than online marketing and gives you a better return on customer retention. Repeat customers keep you in business more so than the one-time shoppers commonly found with online marketing. You will also find that you can make them work even better for you if you have them professionally printed using managed print services, so it’s worth looking out for one of those services.

Advantages Of  Print Marketing

  1. More Focused Readers: because of less commotion and advertising that’s going on around you. People online seem to multi-task having numerous tabs opened. Reading a magazine or newspaper gives you more focus and retains your attention.
  2. Feels More Authentic and Influential: as you’re holding the marketing material in your hands. Being able to see and touch the product is more natural than looking at a flashing banner online.
  3. Appeal of Unplugging gives you an escape from all of the advanced technology that’s around you. Peace of Mind is virtuous so unplugging from your devices and the web gives people more time for themselves.
  4. Personal Attention and Better Flexibility comes from print advertising. You can place your ad in magazines, newspapers, or newsletters that can target different sections of neighbourhood and cities. Also with print, tailoring your ad size for quarter-page, half-page, and full page gives you versatility. With this flexibility you can work efficiently with whatever budget you possess.
  5. Targeted Marketing has the capability to reach a specific demographic much more effectively than online ads. Your ads can target readers based on profession, region, common interests and many more. Knowing your targeted audience works wonders and makes things a whole lot easier.
  6. Higher Retention Rates translates to more sales. People online has less attention spans because of the fast blurbs of information bombarding them. Advertisements such as magazines and newspapers have a particular form of information right before your eyes without the extra distractions. There is no clicking and strolling through pages which equate to more attention on the subject.

As you can see, there are more pros than cons when it comes to print ads. Yes, online marketing is very fast at providing abundance of informative content, but its quick delivery backfires at times. Having the physical material in your hands seem to hold more weight in the long run. There is more of a connection with the audience when dealing with print form. Knowing that this product was developed, designed and presented just for you resonates more with the readers. Project Design Print is the epitome of this concept and delivers high-quality content for consumers. Whether it’s newspapers, business cards or flyer printing in Manchester, this brand personifies everything in print advertising.


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