Top WordPress Plugins To Keep Track Of Your Outbound Links

In this digital world, marketers are solely relying on internet marketing. Some use social media to expand customer outreach, while others try their luck with search engine optimization. You can also clout the power of content marketing to spread your brand message across. Focus on creating meaningful and inimitable content to make Google recognize and rank your site. In addition to this, many other tactics can make your site visible.

People usually start building links because links pointing to your site are a crucial signal for Google. It enhances the credibility of your webpage, making it appear on the top results. But do you know links going out from a website can play a fundamental role? An outbound link is a link from your webpage to a different site. Thus, an outbound link for you will be an inbound link for some other page. It helps the search engine discover useful content, boosting organic traffic.

Are you wondering how? These links bring balance and validity to the overall SEO health of a page. If you notice, all high-quality articles have put references at the end to achieve authority. Surprisingly, outbound links have the same influence on your content creation. Alongside adding links, it is imperative to keep track of its progress. It will unfold the number of visitors clicking on your link, engaging with it, etc. Do you know how to track them? If not, let us help you out.

Here are ten WordPress plugins to keep track of your outbound links.

1. Outbound Link Manager

If you don’t have the knack for website management practices, download a link manager. It will monitor outbound links in your posts and pages, allowing you to insert, remove, and update anchor texts. Similarly, you can edit links because it will give immediate access to the entire link code, letting you insert styles or change keywords. Most importantly, if you have inserted a link to a spammy website, this plugin enables you to add domains to the blacklist without changing other links.

2. Pretty Links

Every webpage has multiple links, and using plugins is the best way to manage them. Pretty links updates all occurrences of an external link on your webpage. It makes alternations to the link in one place where you get all the necessary information. Moreover, the feature of ‘link trading’ will show the number of clicks on your links. As the name suggests, it makes your links prettier by making them easy to read for the visitors. Hence, you will get an excellent idea of how your readers are interacting with content.

3. F-Secure Links

Since you are inserting multiple links on your webpage, some spammy links might come along. These links are not safe for your visitors to use and might lead to malware threats. Therefore, use the F-Secure links plugin to keep your visitors safe from such scams. It will assess links in blogs, comments, and all discussion platforms to close doors for potential cyber threats. Simultaneously, it stops the download of all insecure files upload and untrusted data on the webpage.

4. Monster Insights

Monster Insights is a Google Analytics plugin tool offering rich insights into your website’s performance. You have to enable the link tracking feature to get access to in-depth reports. It will highlight the performance of your outbound links and affiliate marketing pages. From the pages that generate the highest incomes to profitable traffic sources – every piece of information will be a click away. If you are skeptical about purchasing the full version, start with monster insights lite.

5. WordPress External Links

WordPress External links are one of the most popular plugins of all time. It offers control icons, user-generated content, and link options. Thus, you can manage your external, outbound links with this plugin. Feel free to set data-attribute to change the treatment of links or use built-in actions to implement specific needs. In addition to tracking outbound links, it lets you add link icons for better user understandability.

6. Thirsty Affiliates

The purpose of making a website, optimizing it for search engines, and creating links, is to boost sales. Thirst affiliate plugin uses an easy design to make it simple for everyone to kick off an affiliate marketing campaign. It cloaks all spammy links and replaces them with valuable outbound links in your content. Likewise, it comes with a dashboard where marketers can view performance reports, evaluate associations, and marketing campaigns’ success.

7. Broken Link Checker

At times, your site consists of several broken outbound links without your knowledge. Hence, consider installing a broken link checker plugin. It will monitor and test all the external links on your website to detect broken links, images, and redirects. You will receive notifications regarding it through emails, allowing you to fix them immediately. Unfortunately, broken links appear different in posts, preventing the search engine from following those links. The more quickly you fix the links, the faster it can improve your site’s visibility.

8. AdSanity

AdSantiy strikes the perfect balance between accessibility and power. It allows users to insert affiliate banners, sidebars, posts, links, and various other elements on their website. Similarly, it gives you full control over how to run your advertising campaign. Most importantly, you can choose when specific links appear on your site and which visitors see what ads. Combine these with performance and link tracking tools to see what wonders this lightweight plugin can do your website.

9. Redirection

When it comes to designing a webpage, there are many technicalities. From managing errors, handling loose ends to tracking links – marketers have to look after everything. Redirection plugin can assist in reducing errors and improving site rankings. It is for websites with thousands of redirects and provides full support to regular expressions to match any number of URLs. The plugin can also monitor permalinks and automatically create a redirect to new links.

10. Affiliate WordPress

Do you want to run an affiliate program? If yes, don’t miss out on the affiliate WordPress plugin. It will help you set a self-hosted program without any third-party intervention, driving maximum traffic to your site. The plugin supports unlimited creatives, affiliate URLs, and outbound links to increase traffic. It comes with a built-in dashboard that displays all real-time graphs and reporting of the campaigns. However, if you want a plugin specifically for links, install the Affiliate WordPress link plugin.

Final Thoughts

Sooner or later, every marketer will realize the significance of outbound links in the website’s content. It elevates the search engine’s rankings while offering more value to users. WordPress plugins can help you track the links to figure out which ones are receiving the most clicks. Likewise, it also informs about links that users are ignoring, encouraging you to remove them. With all this information, you can perform many meaningful optimizations to boost user interactions and target specific events.


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