Traditional marketing: 4 ways it’s not dead yet

As we all know, we are well and truly in the era of technology.

From a marketing perspective, things have certainly turned on their head as a result. Certain forms of marketing that were the go-to forms for so many businesses have gradually died off. It has led many to question whether traditional marketing is completely dead.

Well, as the title may have suggested, this isn’t the case in the slightest. While online marketing has taken over in some regards, in others the traditional form can still work wonders. Let’s now look at four ways this can happen.

Conferences are a huge window for B2B

It could be argued that B2B is a very difficult nut to crack in the online world. This is something where brand awareness doesn’t always count, and companies are less likely to turn to the internet to find their next supplier.

It means that conferences are still a big part of marketing for some firms. Of course, the way in which these are approached is much different. For example, companies will commonly use 3D printing services to produce branded items to give away – it’s easier than ever before. Or, they will look to bring more interactive elements to their stand, just to bring the typical conference a bit more to life.

TV is the most popular form of advertising

Like it or not, TV still falls under the traditional marketing umbrella. Not only that, but countless studies have shown that this is the most effective form of advertising available to companies.

Sure, it’s a field that’s changing. After all, the likes of Netflix have changed the way in which we watch TV – with most of us now turning to programmes on-demand. However, all that’s happened is that broadcasters have adapted, and started to sell different types of packages. These can be more targeted to their online services, where these on-demand shows are ultimately based.

Direct Mail

Some people immediately hear the term “Direct Mail” and think that it screams of an outdated method.

As it turns out, for some niches at least, this is still working very well. The fact that audiences can now be segmented so easily (although not quite as easily as online channels allow) means that it is an easy, tried-and-tested route for companies to try.

It’s also something that can do wonders for brand awareness, and this should always be high on the agenda.

The rise of radio

Something that has adapted perfectly to new-look marketing methods is radio. This really shouldn’t come as a surprise; after all, until driverless cars are in full motion, most of us can only be targeted by radio as we drive.

This is something that has been highlighted statistically as well. For example, in America it was found that over a quarter of a billion listen to more than fourteen hours of radio every week. Naturally, this opens a huge opportunity for advertisers who are looking to get their brand more out there.


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