Travel Games for the Summer

Travelling can be a great way to bond with family and friends, but it can also be a lot of sitting around. That’s where travel games come in! Here are a couple of the best travel games for adults and kids to keep you entertained all summer making these games ideal for long car rides, flights, train journeys and even by the pool or relaxing in the hotel.

Ginger Fox Lobster Mobster Card Game, £14.99 from

Lobster Mobster – A game of ever-changing rules!

Find out who’s going to be ‘sleeping with the fishes’ and who will claw their way to the top in this family party game. Flip a card and do what it says, but watch out for Keep cards, which add new rules to the game. Break the rules by getting caught using your thumbs or checking your phone and you’ll face the Lobster Mobster! Roll the right combination to avoid taking a fishbone token. The first player to collect five fish-bone tokens ‘sleeps with the fishes’ and the game is over!

Hilariously Entertaining Family Party Game Great For Fun Nights In. Complete Cheeky Challenges and Funny Forfeits To Win. 2+ Players, Ages 8+ Years. Easy To Play.

Ginger Fox Special Edition Catchphrase Card Game, £12.99 from Amazon

Say what you see in this modern take on a classic game. Go head-to-head with your opponent to see who will be crowned the Catchphrase champion.

Win points by guessing the catchphrases on the card. Win extra points with the all new bonus catchphrases, featuring digital animations just like the iconic ITV game show!

Say what you see! It’s easy! Recognise the catchphrase? Shout it out! Enjoy this modern twist on a classic game.


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