Trends Shaping the Future of Online Scratch Card Games

Card games have been the favourite pastime for many, since time unknown. The card game is said to be invented some 1200 years ago and has ever since, resulted in healthy cross-country relations. With advancement in technology, even the card game fashion has changed manifold. The various technical advancements have led to the popularity of online scratch card games. The online approach to the card gaming is convenient and extremely fun. The first online scratch card game was invented in 1994 and the online platform has achieved tremendous glories in the past twenty years.

With time, more casino providers emerge with a way more powerful software, aiming to give a seamless experience to the customers. The main aim was to make the gaming experience as realistic as possible to eradicate the requirement of the land-based casinos. The top providers launched exemplary scratch card games online, easily available to the players in the comfort of their homes. Play varieties of Scratch cards online at UK based online bingo site – Sailor Bingo.

The popularity of online games has proved to be extremely beneficial for the mobile gaming industry. It is estimated to reach the $3 billion mark by 2019, in India. The card games have the highest growth percentage within the industry, with the rate of 100 percent every year.

Let’s look at how the traditional card games gained surprising popularity on the online platform.

Understanding virtual reality and the reality

The Virtual Reality simulates the physical presence of a player in a specific environment. This is attained using VR headset and other gadgets providing heightened sensory experience involving touch, hearing and sight. Using this technology, the player is not disturbed by the outside nuisances and is totally immersed in the game. Online scratch card games have undergone massive development in the short span of 20 years. All one need is a headset to experience an entirely different reality. This concept is the future of the mobile gaming industry and has been readily embraced by the game providers.

Shaping the online gaming industry

The most appreciated move made by the gaming industries was the digitization of card games like rummy and Teen Patti in India. These are the most revenue driven games and are extremely popular. In fact, online rummy is the third most famous online scratch card game played by every age group in India. The online rummy portal is the most trending amongst Indians and it is growing at the rate of 50-100% every year.

Similarly, world series of poker, which is basically a poker tournament held annually. The winner is the champion of poker and is awarded million-dollar cash. The series has witnessed growing participants and popularity with every passing year.

In addition, the virtual reality has further opened the doors to new possibilities and experiences. It is all set to attract the young generation and boost the revenue of the mobile gaming industry.



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