Unexpected Benefits of SEO

If you run a small business, work online, have a blog, eCommerce store, or any other kind of website, you have probably been told that you need to make time for SEO. You’ll have heard that SEO is worth your time, and even your money and that getting it right in the first place will make your life much easier in the future. 


When it comes to growing a site, Website SEO is talked about like some kind of miracle. It will get you noticed. It will get your page to the top of a search results page, and it will increase your traffic enormously. The key benefit of search engine optimisation is increased traffic. But, there are other, sometimes unexpected benefits. Let’s take a look at some of them. 


Good SEO Never Takes Time Off – So You Can


When it comes to attracting viewers to your website, some methods are time-consuming. Social media marketing can be useful, but it takes time and commitment. You need to be online all of the time. Even with scheduling and automation, you have to commit time every day to maintain your online presence. 


SEO takes time aswell, but once it’s done, that’s it (aside from the occasional update). If a post has effective SEO when you hit publish, that post will continue to attract customers or viewers for years to come. Good SEO doesn’t take time off, even when you do. This can free up your time to focus on more important or creative things, or even give you time to take a break. 


SEO Brings in the Right Traffic – Increasing Conversion


Great SEO doesn’t just increase traffic; it brings in the right kind of traffic, increasing conversion and boosting sales as well as views. 


SEO means that the right people will find your site. They’ll get to it when Googling what they are looking for. You’ll be put in contact with people that need and want your services, not just random people that are browsing the internet. 


Getting On To Page One Can Boost Trust


When you Google something, how often do you look on page two of the results? Most of us click on the top search result or at least something on the first page. We trust these results. We know that they are trustworthy and respectable sites if they’ve made it to the first page. Good SEO can put you into that position. It can boost trust and increase customer loyalty. 


SEO Can Boost Your Offline Sales


SEO isn’t just about boosting online views and conversion. It can also help your brick and mortar business. Most of us, Google offline companies, to find out more about them, read reviews, look for directions, and opening times. Good SEO makes it much easier for customers to find you in the real world, as well as offline. 


Investing in SEO can have so many benefits to your business. Whether you choose to invest your own time or hire someone to help, it can be what gets you noticed, and continues to do so in the future, no matter what else happens. Don’t make the mistake of neglecting it, or of failing to update old SEO practices when things evolve and change.


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