Using Social Media For Customer Support – Why Do You Need It?

The Key For a More Successful Business?

Everyone wants to have a successful business. Everyone wants to increase profits. Everyone wants to enjoy of a solid and positive reputation. If you run a business, you can relate. Totally.

It makes sense for you; however, accomplishing all of those feats won’t come without strategy, investment and surpassing different obstacles. All great things require sacrifice, and this is not the exception.

Customer support. A vital department for the success of your company. Your customers are who will keep your business alive and thriving for ages and that is why they deserve the best support and attention. You must bring it, period. No exception.

Recently, people have been relying more on social media to contact brands and companies to receive customer support. Facebook and Twitter are the most popular platforms through which people expect to request and receive customer service. You have to be there, and you need to be efficient and fast. It is your obligation.

A Challenge With Plenty of Opportunities

You will always face challenges, and providing an excellent customer service experience through social media is one of them. You can’t do nothing but face it and surpass it. That’s how it works.

Furthermore, if you look at the bigger picture, you will see that in order to make your customers feel satisfied and make them more loyal, you have to provide multi-channel support, and you must be efficient in every single one. No excuses, just results, because that’s what people want.

Statistics prove that social media is an important channel (and it is becoming more with the passing of time):

  1. 67% of customers make use of social media (ex: Facebook and Twitter) to seek solutions for their problems
  2. Approximately 70% of consumers have relied on social media for receiving customer service at least once
  3. Customers love companies that engage and solve their issues in an efficient manner through social media, and that is why they spend from 20% to 40% more with them.

These three facts are more than enough to understand the importance of bringing proper customer service through social media. People love it, it will make them buy more from you and it will protect and improve your reputation. What else could you ask for?
Do you want even more facts to believe in the power of social customer care? Here you go:

  1. It will save you money, because solving an issue/request through social media will cost you 1/6th as compared to call center interaction
  2. If you provide your customers with an excellent customer service experience on social media, then 71% of them will be more likely to recommend your brand to others. Word of mouth works
  3. A worrying 88% of customers are less likely to buy from a company that leaves complaints on social media unanswered

Now you have six. As you can see, your customers DEMAND proper social customer care, and it is one of the opportunities you have to make your business grow further and make your customers truly loyal and satisfied. You must do it.

However, as we pointed out before, it is also a challenge, because we are talking about providing customer service through different channels. That is why you need a proper software solution that integrates everything. All the solutions under one roof. That’s the key.

The perfect solution for social customer care is a Social CRM software. The market offers different options, so you can compare and pick the one that suits your business.

For example, you have Kayako, which in addition to managing social media, it also allows you to take care of your inbox, live chat, ticketing system and more. All the solutions integrated in one single software, saving you tons of time and resource. A smart move, without doubts.


As you can see, social media is an important channel that deserves your attention, because it will help you to grow your business to the next level. Now you also know that a social CRM software is the solution to surpass all of the challenges it presents, and profit from the opportunities.



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