Using the Psychology of Colour to Earn Sales Conversions

To the untrained eye, colours are diverse and often bright elements that can add depth to interior and outdoor spaces. This is just the tip of the iceberg, however, as colours also wield considerable influence and have the potential to sway our attitudes and emotions at any given time.

When our eyes process colours, they communicate with a section of the brain referred to in scientific terms as the hypothalamus. This in turn sends a cascade of signals to the pituitary and thyroid glands, which can subsequently trigger fluctuations in mood, emotion and our behaviour as individuals.

The Bottom Line for Businesses: Colour and Conversions

Interestingly, businesses have been able to utilise this to successfully market products and drive a higher rate of sales conversions. Research from QuickSprout confirms this, indicating that 90% of all product assessments are based on colour and the emotions that they solicit. The colours that we process also contribute 85% of our sub-conscious reasoning when choosing to buy a product, so the use of appropriate shades and tones can actively encourage customers and increases sales conversion rates significantly.


So how can your business capitalise on this? Initially, it is crucial that you learn how and where to apply colour, as this needs to be managed in a strategic and carefully formatted manner. The most important application lies with the layout and colour scheme utilised on your website, including hero graphics, borders and icons. Your goal should be to influence mood and engage each visitor, while also highlighting actionable icons that process subscriptions and registrations. To understand this in greater detail, head to the Titanbet Casino website to see a visualĀ  translation. The online platform uses greens and blues when displaying call to actions, these are calm colours which helps create a feeling of trust.

Utilise Colour for a Brighter Business Future


While some may doubt the true power and influence of colour as a key factor in driving sale conversions and improving brand awareness, this is the kind of small detail that have a huge impact on your business. Take Coca Cola for an example, the primary color is red on a white and light grey background which creates good user visibility. The red creates the feeling of excitement and energy. There is certainly no harm in attempting use colour psychology to influence customers, especially as your website will already need a vivid and carefully designed layout to successfully engage unique visitors. By tailoring your colour scheme to solicit specific moods and highlight actionable icons, you can potentially steal a march on your rivals and achieve huge market success.


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