Vasilii Gamov – Curiosity Is Vital

In the ever-changing world of digital marketing, knowledge is power that can dramatically amplify the visibility of startups and existing businesses. Vasilii Gamov is an expert with over 11 years of experience in the advertisement market. He knows the ins and outs of marketing campaigns and strives to make his platform transparent and convenient. Mr.Gamov spoke about the vitality of inquisitiveness in the industry and what secrets it can unlock for individuals willing to explore new territory and expand upon existing frameworks and technologies.

Vasilli, you have a diverse background and set of tools under your belt. What experiences have led you to this point?

I’ve worked in a number of industries, such as iGaming, finance, web development, software development for businesses and consumers, management, and affiliate marketing. Using my experience in technological development, I developed forex brocker for the CIS region to provide unique services to users, including a virtual cashback service, a mobile application, and gamification. It earned considerable recognition across the CIS region and the Middle East with awards like the “Best Forex Introducing Broker Program Award” as I orchestrated international branding strategies across the board.

I’ve set up numerous promotional campaigns for the companies I’ve launched and been a part of. As a successful entrepreneur, I have been cordially invited to be a part of many presentations, conferences, events, during which I have the honor of sharing my experience.

You are a distinguished member of the ad tech land. Can you tell us what strategies and philosophies brought you to this point in your life?

Being a leader is no small feat. It takes hard work, dedication, and adaptability to inspire yourself and others to climb the ladder and reach new heights. I’ve always been interested in lifelong learning and improving my abilities. A culture of innovation drives the tech realm, and because I’m a part of it, that’s where my heart is. Creativity produces new roots and room for growth and helps existing entities expand.

How does curiosity apply to you, and why is it imperative to have?

Curiosity is vital to the mind that wants to grow and expand. In my case, I want to know how I can better improve my services so that I can have further outreach. Higher conversion rates mean that consumers approve of my marketing tactics and are eager to view more of the advertised content. I usually target landing pages as audiences are likely to see these before any other page of a website. As the current CMO of RichAds, I oversee the self-serve advertising platform, which offers the popular push and pop formats, delivering over five billion impressions daily.

The world of e-marketing is dynamic because of changing consumer behavior and emerging technologies. In my comments to a recent article on PPC advertising, I explained the challenges within the ad tech universe: recognizing consumer patterns, trying to visualize campaigns that will be effective in pertaining to all audiences, the ecosystem creation, industry trends, and algorithm changes. Additionally, consumer feedback is critical in delivering the best services.

Curiosity keeps me aligned with changes occurring in the advertising industry. I assume new AI technologies, like ChatGPT, will prevail in 2023 marketing and advertising trends. So I plan to leverage these tools to help us automate tasks and workflow and alleviate the weight of managing hundreds of clients and their marketing campaigns. AI, after enough training and predictive modeling, will easily track traffic sources, manage ads, and so much more. Like everything in tech, AI will definitely change, so I will also need to stay on top of making sure to properly incorporate the latest AI into my services.

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