Vine, It’s not just for Tweens!

Vine, It’s not just for Tweens!

One of the newest social medias to take the world by storm is Vine. Tweens and 20-somethings have a whole new outlet for their every non-prophetic thoughts and actions. You’re already scratching your head asking what is Vine and why? Well, more likely than not you’ve already been exposed to it, but you just didn’t know…do BatDad or little Ava Ryan (she’ll teach you how to flirt) ring a bell? Vine is a new social media that allows users to post macro-videos (about 6 seconds) to be broadcast to the world.

Ahead of the curve, major brands are already using Vine to create a spotlight on new items, tips and tricks, news, etc. Ford, Urban Outfitters, Lowes, The Weather Channel and General Electric have all found much success with their viral videos. (See below for examples) How then, does this relate to your small business? Honestly, I don’t think there is a business out there that couldn’t successfully incorporate Vine into their social media strategy. From plumbers showing tips on maintenance to a baker showing a cake being made from start to finish, there is room for everyone on Vine.

I know, you’re still yelling at me to answer the why? Why vine? Why videos? Videos are going to remain to be a hot commodity going into 2014 and beyond; video is, and will continue to be, the king of all forms of media. Why not YouTube or Vimeo you ask? Both of those two outlets are great for anything 30 seconds and longer, but with Vine, we can do a mini-profile squashed into 6 seconds. Using this macro-format will increase the likelihood of someone watching your clip in this ADD enhanced world.

Still not convinced? Shoot me an email at [email protected] and we can develop your all-encompassing social media marketing campaign, including Vine!

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