VOIP For Business – how using a VOIP phone system can save a company money

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a telecommunication technology that is becoming increasing popular and present in the world of business. Many companies have already decided to make the switch, abandoning their traditional telephone system in favour of the benefits and savings VoIP has to offer.

The premise of VoIP is simple; instead of using the existing telephone lines in your office building or installing new ones, you push all of your voice, video and teleconferencing traffic through the internet. In today’s market, broadband packages are relatively cheap so VoIP has the potential to save your business a lot of money. Of course, you will need to ensure you choose a reputable and experienced VoIP service provider such as Midshire to ensure that you can rely on the best speed, security and reliability of your service to make sure that making the switch doesn’t affect your business in a negative way.

Cutting phone bills

VoIP has many cost saving benefits to offer businesses that choose to make the switch. One of the main savings can be made when speaking to colleagues or clients from across the globe. In today’s modern business world, it is becoming increasingly common for businesses to need to be able to communicate with people from across the world, whether they are suppliers, partners, employees or clients. VoIP allows international calls to be made over the Internet at a fraction of the cost of a traditional telephone call. Many VoIP providers also offer conferencing and videoconferencing features to allow companies to communicate with multiple partners at the same time.

VoIP on the go

VoIP can also help to save your company money when employees have to travel. A VoIP adapter can be plugged into any hotel or café’s Internet connection you can use your phone just like you would in the office. You can access all of the features you need and will never have to miss an important call again.

VoIP can also be utilised by telecommuters or employees who are working from home. An app can be downloaded to android or IPhone that contains the VoIP software you are using to keep your employees connected and reachable from a “work line” even when they are not in the office.

Technical support

Another way that VoIP can help your business to save money is any technical support you require will be low cost or even free. You can choose you have your own IT department run your VoIP system so that if there was ever a problem, they are on hand to fix it quickly; reducing down time and negating the need for an expensive call out. Some VoIP providers will maintain you VoIP system for you and offer technical support if needed, either as part of you package or at a reduced rate.

Only pay for what you need

Many VoIP service providers allow you to tailor your package to suit the needs of your business. Therefore you can save money by only buying the services that you need and not paying to have extra line, which your business doesn’t need. VoIP line can be increased or decreased as time goes on so there is the option for flexibility as your business grows.

Switching to VoIP from your traditional telephone package can help save your business money and also help to increase your company’s presence. You will never again have to face a large telephone bill or have to worry about the downtime involved in having to upgrade your entire telephone line. VoIP is fast becoming businesses’ most valuable tool as its benefits help to propel businesses into the future whilst cutting costs in the process.


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